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Thread: I've some questions about some DLC-related stuff

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    Question I've some questions about some DLC-related stuff

    So, I've been trying to get some DLC to work on WWE All Stars for 360, and I'm just running out of ideas, cause no matter what I do, R-Truth always shows up as Michael Hayes. I legitimately don't wanna get my account banned with jtagging and such, and wanted to ask about if DLC CAN work on a flashed disc drive at all.

    Then I found this link here:

    The guy's console wasn't modded, aside from a flashed disc drive, but it had the license for the DLC(or the DLC was DRM free?), so it managed to work for them. Anyone know if I can just do this? Was it patched at any point? Or am I gonna be forced to mod my 360 when I really don't want to, nor do I wanna get my account banned? Thank you for your time. Depending on what answer I get, I may make a request post for the WWE All Stars DLC.

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    Default Re: I've some questions about some DLC-related stuff

    Thanks for posting in the forum. First, i can help you with the last part of your post. No need to make a request for the DLC, its been posted. All you need to do is find the right links here in the forum. Second, I will just say that every time you try to play against the rules, you risk a ban from Microsoft. Even if the process has been successful, there's no way to know for how long it will be safe. Only way to stay 100% safe is to not break rules. You can just buy the DLC, right? That may be your best bet. Or, buy a modded console so you have the best of both worlds. Hope this helps. Good luck!

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