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Thread: can anyone help with fixing my psu?

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    Default can anyone help with fixing my psu?

    Hey guys i have some pus problems.
    I have an old apteva 900 watt warlock psu that i had to replace the fan in because they don't make or warranty them anymore so i had to fix it my self.
    The fan was messing up, and so I replaced it and it works OK for the most part but sometimes my PC just turns off in labor intecive tasks found that the product was of the first batch ever made buy aptevia and it was their first venture in to making PSU's
    the PSU is also not 80 gold cirt, so I figure id try to get an upgrade

    I could not afford a lot so anyway I bought a

    ThermaltakeToughpower TP-1350M 1350W 80 Plus Power-Supply *T142
    I got it on the cheap with no cables or fan, so I put a new corsair magnetic levitation fan in it but now I just need cables for modular psu
    for 6 pin SATA and mole x

    I bought some cables for a corsair 850x psu but the cables only connect backwards to the thermaltake
    and the cables spcificly say only for use on the 650/750/850/ax only

    there's 4 slots being used on the mole x and 5 for the SATA
    but I can't find any diagram of the PSU's to know what wires I need to switch to make these wires compatible
    I have 2 for SATA and 1 for mole x that I would like to use. The modular cables seem to be backwards and I need some help to fix that.

    here is a pic of the ports on the 850x

    here is the pic for the Thermaltake

    im guessing just plugging them in backwards is not going to work sence molex has 4 and sata has 5 of the 6 slots being used.
    but they do fit backwards I just need to make sure the wires are going into the right slots.

    I can post more pictures if you need me to.
    I need a clear pic of the pin outs on the
    I need to know what wires go in witch slot on the 6 pin's
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