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Thread: Best Tutorial Collection (Daily Update by SceneP2P)

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    Default Best Tutorial Collection (Daily Update by SceneP2P)

    Pro Studio Live The Science of Mixing 2019 TUTORiAL | 6.19 GB
    DR Ford shows that mixing is an entire science and how this knowledge can really improve your mix!

    DR Ford opens his own session to illustrate how he improves mixes, including vocal mixing tips, the theory of how to work with drums from tracking to mastering, and the principles of parallel processing. Ford DR improves efficiency by using less processing, and it shares philosophy and tips to help redefine your mixing approach.
    By the end of this seminar you will understand the importance of understanding the science of sound and how to “distinguish magic from spell”.
    You will learn the original Ford Ford theory of how the golden ratio applies to mixing, why we use rule 3, and the theory of transients against sustain. He not only shows us how he works in Pro Tools, but also explains the science and every “why” behind his actions.
    In this mixing workshop:
    - Experiments that you can try, designed to help you improve your hearing, to become more effective with conventional studio tools.
    - The concept of panning: 3 pillars of panning, phantom center, psychology of panning, etc.
    - How to find, focus and work with the core of your mix, and how to visualize your mix
    - Why should you monitor your mix in mono
    - Theory of transients against sustain: how to treat them and why you should treat them differently
    - Bass philosophy and how you should handle the bass in your mix
    - “Lyrical Mixing” - philosophy of sound depth and ways to achieve it in your mix
    - The importance of choosing the right reference track
    - Theory on how to use a drum microphone
    - Why do we use rule 3 and how does the golden ratio relate to mixing
    - Compensation of delay, organization of the session and good suggestions on the organization of the workflow
    - Time alignment of your drum tracks
    - How to manipulate your drum microphones to get more spacious (or less roomy) sound
    - How to improve the drum groove and how to determine what to do to improve such a groove
    - How to make things cut through the mix (how to “raise expressiveness without changing the volume”)
    - How to add harmonics to your tracks
    - vocal processing tips
    - The importance of understanding voice anatomy when tracking and mixing
    - How to deal with whistling tones
    - Why DR Ford prefers single-band dynamic multiband processing
    - Recommended reference mixes and what to listen to in these mixes
    - The theory of bass vocals and how to relate to this.
    - The philosophy of parallel processing and how to do it
    - DR Ford demonstrates how he handles the whistling tone in the vocal track. Watch this video to learn useful tips on technology, hear recommendations for some plugins, and learn how to deal with the hole that occurs when cutting frequencies.
    - DR Ford explains how the human mind perceives only 3 bits of information at a time. So what does this mean for our mixes, and how can we use this information to our advantage?
    - DR Ford discusses some of the main features of human psychology when it comes to transients and sustain in audio. Can we then shape our mixing technique to accommodate the way in which the human mind focuses on these two categories of sound?

    Year of release: 2019
    Manufacturer: Pro Studio Live
    Manufacturer website: prostudiolive
    Posted by: DR Ford
    Duration: 4 hours
    Type of handing out material: Video Tutorial
    Sample files: none
    Video Format: MP4
    Video: 2102-4456 Kbps \ sec, 1920 * 1080 (16: 9), 29970 (30000/1001) frames \ sec, AVC
    Audio: 256 kbps, 48 ​​kHz, 2 channels, AAC
    English language

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    Default Pro Studio Live The Mixing Coach: Episode 1-4 2019 TUTORiAL

    Pro Studio Live The Mixing Coach: Episode 1-4 2019 TUTORiAL | 6.99 GB
    Brian Scheuble and Roy Silverstein sit down and talk about mixing. In episode 2 they focus on equalization, in the 3rd episode it is about compression, its attack and release. In episode 4, they discuss the effects (reverb, delay) and how they are used to create space in the mix. In the episodes there are special guests. This training consists of a series of videos in which Brian and his friends will help you raise your mixes to a new level.

    Year of release: 2019
    Manufacturer: Pro Studio Live
    Manufacturer website: prostudiolive
    Posted by Roy Silverstein & Brian Scheuble
    Duration: 35 minutes
    Type of handing out material: Video Tutorial
    Sample files: none
    Video Format: MP4
    Video: 2570-3636 Kbps \ sec, 1920 * 1080 (16: 9), 29970 (30000/1001) frames \ sec, AVC
    Audio: 256 kbps, 48 ​​kHz, 2 channels, AAC
    English language

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    Default Pro Studio Live Hard Rock Mixing Session 2019 TUTORiAL

    Pro Studio Live Hard Rock Mixing Session 2019 TUTORiAL | 5.19 GB
    Award-winning engineer Chris Baysford (Rob Zombie, Nickelback, Avril Lavigne) shares his mixing secrets in this exciting episode from Pro Studio Live.

    Chris Baysford, an award-winning engineer from Canada, is here to share his hard rock mixing experience! With his clients, including Rob Zombie, John 5 and Nickelback, he opens up all the subtleties of hard rock production and shares it all with Pro Studio Live. For this event, Chris brought with him a mix session that he did for the hard rock band Burn the Headlines.
    In this session, he talks about how he configured his routing to resemble an analog SSL console, how he uses special tools, such as a compressor, equalizer and reverb, to improve various parts of the instrument, and also shares an amazing stunt that uses multi-mono functionality of some plugins! He will also answer some general engineering questions that our viewers have sent for him. Watch this video and find out how Chris creates his powerful products that helped define the hard rock genre.

    Year of release: 2019
    Manufacturer: Pro Studio Live
    Manufacturer website: prostudiolive
    By Chris Baseford
    Duration: 3 hours
    Type of handing out material: Video Tutorial
    Sample files: none
    Video Format: MP4
    Video: 3179-3657 Kbps \ sec, 1824 * 1080 (5: 3) and 1920 * 1080 (16: 9), 29970 (30000/1001) frames \ sec, AVC
    Audio: 256 kbps, 48 ​​kHz, 2 channels, AAC
    English language

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    Default Carl Parnell - Automated Dropshipping Mastery

    Carl Parnell - Automated Dropshipping Mastery | 6.71 GB
    Master the art of automated dropshipping. The EXACT strategies I've used to generate over six figures of passive income WITHOUT the need to learn OR run a single costly paid ad.

    Take advantage of the Pre-Launch Early Birdprice TODAY and save $1000.

    These spaces are extremely limited as I want to keep this group small.

    Once the course officially goes live this week, the full launch price will be $1497.
    Grab your space now before they are gone for good.


    Code: Parnell  Automated Dropshipping Mastery.part1.rar Parnell  Automated Dropshipping Mastery.part2.rar Parnell  Automated Dropshipping Mastery.part3.rar Parnell  Automated Dropshipping Mastery.part4.rar Parnell  Automated Dropshipping Mastery.part5.rar Parnell  Automated Dropshipping Mastery.part6.rar Parnell  Automated Dropshipping Mastery.part7.rar

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    Default Scott Hilse - Simplified Dropshipping 4.0

    Scott Hilse - Simplified Dropshipping 4.0 | 2.23 GB
    Lesson 1: Intro & History
    Lesson 2: Dropship Eye/Mentality
    ​Lesson 3: My Winning Products, Stores, and Ads
    ​Lesson 4: Building Your Store's Skeleton
    Lesson 5: Product Research/pricing structure
    Lesson 6: Importing Your First Product (Silkroad)
    ​Lesson 6: Importing Your First Product (Oberlo)
    Lesson 8: What Shopify Plan to Choose
    Lesson 9: One Product Stores: General or Branded?
    Lesson 10: Choosing & Connecting Your Domain
    Lesson 11: Inner Workings Setup
    Lesson 12: Site Build + Order Test
    Lesson 13: Facebook Page Build
    Lesson 14: Business Account, Ad Account, Pixel Setup
    Lesson 15: Apps
    Lesson 16: The Freedom Funnel Setup
    Lesson 17: Building Your Ad
    Lesson 18: Understand This Before Launching FB Ads
    Lesson 19: Broad FB Ads Explanation
    Lesson 20: Launching Your Product (Costly Way)
    Lesson 21: 'Test & Go' Product Testing (Cost-Effective Way)
    Lesson 22: What to Do After Launching
    ​Lesson 23: Facebook Ads: 0-100 Orders
    Lesson 24: How to Analyze Your Ad Sets
    ​Lesson 25: What to Do if Your Product Hits
    ​Lesson 26: What to Try if Your Product Doesn't Work
    ​Lesson 27: Order Fulfillment (Oberlo)
    ​Lesson 28: Order Fulfillment (Slikroad)
    ​Lesson 29: Horizontal Scaling
    ​Lesson 30: Vertical Scaling
    ​Lesson 31: Scaling w: CBOs
    ​Lesson 32: Retargeting
    ​Lesson 33: When and How To Form An LLC
    ​Lesson 34: When and How To Outsource
    ​​Lesson 35: FREE Targeted Page Likes From Your Ad
    ​Lesson 36: Advanced Facebook Audiences: 100-10,000 Orders (LAAs)
    ​Lesson 37: Outro
    BONUS LESSON: How To Use Rules To Automate Facebook Ads
    ​BONUS LESSON: What To Do Once You Get Results
    ​BONUS: Entry To My Mentorship Facebook Group Where my skilled students and I Personally Guide You & Answer All Questions


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    Default Christian Martin - The Work From Anywhere Accelerator

    Christian Martin - The Work From Anywhere Accelerator | GB
    Start Your Marketing Business Travel The World

    What's Inside Module I - II
    Why top digital marketers care about "idea-extraction" and how to use this little known technique to shortcut your success
    The simple survey system that will reveal the deepest desires of your market
    How to accomplish 2 years of market research in two hours
    95 - power niches on the rise, and how to tap in to automatic growth
    How to stop blindly trying the latest "schemes" and build a real, lasting business that provides for you and your family
    The two things in your business that if you get right, everything else will be easy, if you get it wrong, it will be almost impossible to succeed
    The forgotten power of a little known thing called the Pygmalion effect
    A real look at what actually creates RESULTS, and the simple way to stop doing things that don't matter
    The 5 biggest mistakes newbies make when it comes to their offer and how to avoid them
    The most profitable decision you can make at the beginning of your business that will make everything else easier
    How to manage the feeling that you're an imposter, and confidently get paying clients
    What's Inside Module III - IV
    The internal money "block" that keeps most people from getting paying clients
    How to "offer to help" instead of using sleazy sales tactics
    What you need to do to make your sales process "Effortless"
    "The power of words" - understanding your client better than they understand themselves
    The most important thing you need to do to build momentum and make things easier in your business
    The "one-call close" - do away with follow-ups and proposals forever
    Becoming a sales ninja, one question at a time
    How to become "The trusted adviser" in your niche
    Why most people struggle to even get started working with clients and how NOT to be that person
    The big lie we tell ourselves about getting started in business
    What's Inside Module V - VIII
    How to setup your own funnel from scratch, no matter what industry you're in
    The 3 biggest mistakes most people make when launching a funnel and how to go from failure to success
    The "double down" technique - how to call out your hottest leads and turn them in to buyers immediately
    How to setup tracking to know exactly which ads are producing leads and sales, and which are not
    How to Start An Ad Account From Scratch, AND How To Request Access To Your Client's Page and Ad Account
    The easiest way to get free, high quality images for your campaigns without spending hours searching through limited free stock image sites
    The "Launch, tweak, troubleshoot, repeat" guaranteed profitability formula
    "The Perfect Testimonial Template" - how to turn happy clients in to more money for you, time and time again
    12 tried, tested, proven funnel stacks including targeting, ad copy, images and more
    How to create irresistible offers that attract leads like a magnet
    "5-minute ad hacks" - how I come up with winning facebook ad copy in 5 minutes or less
    The #1 most important part of a Facebook ad and how to get people to stop and read what you have to offer (you don't want to mess this up)
    The client intake forms that will save you hours with client onboarding
    The spreadsheet you can hand over to your clients to have them track their sales without you having to check in on them every week
    The marketing strategy that took my client's business from zero to $120,000/month in under a year
    The "one-chapter-ahead" mindset that will not only make your life easier but will make your clients happier
    How to NEVER pay out of pocket for Clickfunnels again
    Enroll Today And Get The Step-By-Step Course, 20+ Funnel Clones, Hands On Support, Private Facebook Group And Everything You
    Need To Get Your First Client(S)
    With The Work From Anywhere Accelerator™. Guaranteed!
    "YES, Christian! I am IN! It would be silly for me to delay and let someone else get my spot!
    I realize this is only open for a very limited time.
    I promise to ONLY JOIN as someone who is a serious go-getter, who's ready to put these powerful marketing strategies and systems to work to get clients and setup and run their funnels and ads for them.
    I'm ready to start honing my skills as a digital marketer, even if I've never been in business for myself before. and I understand that this type of work can be done from ANYWHERE in the world.
    I am ready to receive access to the entire digital system including step-by-step processes, scripts and templates, secrets and unlimited support with Christian's Team (24 hour max response time).
    Plus I get lifetime access to the private Facebook group and training membership area."



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    Default Tai Lopez - MentorBox (Update 1+ 2)

    Tai Lopez - MentorBox (Update 1+ 2) | 9.31 GB
    You will learn much faster and permanently retain the information!
    A powerful box that combines different ways of learning (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic) to teach you life-changing concepts in less than 10 minutes a day!
    Why do New York Times best-selling authors work with Mentorbox?
    Only top-rated books and topics that can instantly improve your life
    Authors and professors shoot videos and prepare exclusive learning materials for the box
    All you have to do is to invest 10 minutes a day in your continuous learning and improvement!
    Mentorbox combines different ways of learning (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic) to teach you life-changing concepts from top books, authors, professors and experts in less than 10 minutes a day!




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    Default T. Harv Eker - The Wealthy Marketer (2019)

    T. Harv Eker - The Wealthy Marketer (2019) | 3.74 GB
    Have you ever wondered why your business isn't making more money? Why working longer or harder just doesn't seem to make a dent in your bottom line? Why chasing after new customers takes so much time and energy? And does it ever seem like your successful competitors know some "secret" to making sales that you don't?

    If this sounds familiar, we have good news and bad news for you. The bad news is this: if it seems like there's something successful people know that you don't. it's true! THEY DO. But the good news is that there's nothing holding you back from using the same methods that have made the world's wealthiest business owners, trainers, coaches, healers, and other professionals so successful.

    All you need is the right system. Once you know the system that wealthy people use to create their success, you can practically print money. And in a moment, we'll tell you the system that thousands of people from around the world have used to learn these methods. It's the same step-by-step system T. Harv Eker has used to make over $500 million from his business ventures and soon you'll be able to use it too.

    But first, there's something you need to understand.

    It Doesn't Matter How Good Your Product Or Service Is - You Won't Get Rich If No One Knows You Exist!

    In our society, marketing has a bad name.

    We complain about TV commercials trying to manipulate us and play on our emotions. We roll our eyes at cheesy billboards and toss junk mail in the trash. A call from a telemarketer can be frustrating enough to ruin our day.

    And yet, for people who run a business, marketing is often seen as a "necessary evil".

    After all, no one can buy your products if they don't know they exist.

    The truth is, marketing doesn't have to be a dreaded chore. When you find the right approach, suddenly, selling your products and services becomes easy.

    But instead of chasing potential customers or clients down, resorting to cold calls, or throwing away money on ads that never seem to show solid results.

    You Can Learn To Market Yourself Without "Selling"
    People Products They Don't Want And Don't Need

    Today you're going to learn about a step-by-step system you can use to magnetically attract your dream customers or clients.

    Instead of spending your days chasing down the next paycheck, you can spend more of your time doing what you love, and less time wondering when your next sale will come in.

    But it won't happen if you spend 100 hours a week creating products, ordering inventory, or perfecting your services in the hopes of making it big instead of marketing.

    Unfortunately most people spend less than 20% of their efforts on marketing and that's one of the most common reasons why most businesses fail.

    Marketing is responsible for the income you bring into your company and it keeps your company afloat. Without marketing you have no customers, without customers you have no money, and without money you have no business.

    So what would happen if you turned the tables and really invested in developing your marketing skills. and went from spending whatever you currently spend on marketing right now to spending 80% of your time on it? How would your life change?

    Some of you reading this might think that sounds agonizing. If you're only spending 20% or less of your time marketing, there's probably a reason. Because if you're like so many business owners, professionals, coaches, trainers, and healers - you hate the idea of "selling" to people. It makes sense. We don't like to bother other people. We aren't sure if we're wasting their time. And most of all, we don't want to hear a rejection.

    And that's what makes Harv's system so powerful. It teaches you how to market yourself and your business - without ever having to "sell" yourself again!

    How? It's actually very simple. When you target your marketing to the people who really want and need your product or service, making money becomes easy. You no longer have to persuade, nag, or beg your prospects to buy.

    We'll explain how it all works in a moment. But first, a little about your teacher (T. Harv Eker) and some of the mistakes he's made on his own journey to wealth.

    Harv Has Learned How To Market The
    Hard Way - So You Don't Have To!

    This comprehensive training program is taught by T. Harv Eker. You may know him as the bestselling author of the book "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind", as well as the creator of numerous life-changing trainings on wealth and mindset.

    Over the years, he's earned more than $500 million through his businesses - nearly half a billion simply by using his own real-world experiences to help thousands and thousands of students create high levels of success in their own lives.

    But Harv wasn't always a millionaire. In fact, for about 10 years he struggled with a series of failed business ventures - wondering why it seemed impossible to get any of his ideas off the ground. At one point he was so broke he had to move back in with his parents - embarrassing at any age, but especially at age 30!

    Then, he received some advice that would change his life forever. A wealthy family friend told him to study the strategies and mindset of people who were already rich and to find out what they had in common that made them so successful.

    And the rest is history.

    Now, after years of trial and error, Harv has created a step-by-step, copy and paste system that literally anyone can use to create wealth. These are powerful marketing strategies that can help any business, in any industry, find ideal customers and draw them to you like magic.

    When you enroll in The Wealthy Marketer,
    you'll learn how to

    Define your message to attract the best buyers
    Determine your target markets and discover lucrative specialty markets
    Write magnetic copy for your ads, your sales letters, your emails, your website copy, and even your brochures if you use them
    Add upsells, downsells, and cross-sells to instantly increase your profits and bottom line
    Bundle your services or programs and how to structure your backend offers so you are maximizing your revenue
    Create an irresistible tagline and unique selling proposition or hook to give your market clarity on what you do and why you're the one to help them
    Articulate your heart story so you can emotionally connect with your market and make them fall in love with you
    Create irresistible offers to make sales effortless while building extreme goodwill with your customers
    Develop the ultimate sales funnel to create real wealth and financial success
    Spend the same amount of money yet massively increase profits
    Set up joint ventures and endorsed mailers to get 10X the exposure and 10X the sales
    Use a continuity program to build a baseline with recurring income for your business
    Setup the simplest but the most effective referral program
    Create a frequent buyer incentive program that keeps your customers coming back again and again and again
    And much, MUCH more..
    This foolproof system can be applied to any business, and used over and over again.

    These are time-tested principles Harv has used to create success in his own life, and has seen students use again and again across a range of industries.

    Module 1: Introduction and The Wealthy Marketing Mind
    Why simply learning marketing skills won't necessarily make you rich - unless you spend the time and energy to develop a "marketing mind".
    How subconscious blocks around marketing could be causing you to sabotage your own success without you even realizing it.
    The "4 keys" that will help you let go of limiting thoughts and beliefs around marketing that might be holding you back from success in life.
    Module 2: Marketing Strategy and Target Market
    What a marketing system is and why it's vital to any successful business and how to create your own.
    How to identify the perfect market - so you don't have to spend time, energy and money trying to convince uninterested people to buy.
    How to create a "secondary" market to maximize your income without any added effort.
    Module 3: The Message
    How to develop your business's message and help your products or services stand out from the crowd.
    What a unique selling proposition is, why you need one and how it will help you uncover hidden advantages against your competitors.
    Why positioning yourself as an expert is one of the best USP's (Unique Selling Propositions) you can use in your marketing and how to automatically become one.
    Module 4: The Medium
    60+ effective ways you can market and distribute your product - some you've probably never considered before.
    What joint ventures are, and why they're one of the best ways to create rapid growth along with helping you maintain steady, ongoing momentum in your business.
    Step-by-step how to create a referral system, so you can turn your existing customers into raving fans and have them connect with an unlimited amount of new potential prospects. (Just imagine if every single one of your customers referred you just 1 new customer - your business would AUTOMATICALLY DOUBLE!)
    Module 5: Maximizing Marketing
    How developing a "backend" to your business is the quickest way to get rich in business and how it cultivates loyal customers or clients who last for life.
    What your customer's lifetime value is and how to increase it by 10X by using T. Harv Eker's special "marketing funnel".
    How to create high-end packages and how to create attractive bundles of your products and services using Harv's irresistible offer template.
    BONUS TRAINING: How to double your profits in 5 minutes or less.
    Module 6: Million Dollar Copywriting Secrets
    How great copywriting can double, triple, or even quadruple your profits - and make the difference between a million dollar launch or a product that bombs.
    How to craft powerful headlines for your promotional material that hooks prospects from the second they lay eyes on it.
    The two most effective types of stories and how you can use them to create persuasive copy that compels your potential customers to buy whenever you want.
    PLUS, Harv's very own Million Dollar Copywriting Templates, which you can easily use to create high-performing sales pages - even if you've never written copy before.


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    Default T. Harv Eker - Step Up and Lead (2019)

    T. Harv Eker - Step Up and Lead (2019) | 690 MB
    When you first started your business, did you. Imagine that having a team of people working for you would cause you so much stress, frustration, and agony? Envision being surrounded by people who complained, underperformed and didn't do what they said they would? Think you'd feel pressure every day to make decisions that you're not confident in making? Believe you'd be getting quicker results and doing better than you're doing now? You took the leap, you started a business. You went for it.

    . And in return you're getting less sleep. You're working harder than ever. And the amount of money you thought you'd be earning right now is nowhere close to your reality.

    What the heck is going on?

    Is it you? Is it your team? Is it your product or your service? Why are you still struggling?

    How To Turn -$50,000 into $4,000,000
    In Annual Revenue

    Hi, my name is Jesse Eker and I'm the Managing Director for Harv Eker International and over the last 4 years I've been able to successfully lead our team from negative $50,000 in revenue to over $4,000,000 in YEARLY revenue.

    But let me be frank, it wasn't always easy. When I first started this business with my dad, T. Harv Eker, we were not doing great.

    Okay, that might be down playing it a bit, we were doing awful! My dad being semi-retired meant I was coming in as the leader.

    Over the first 6 months I hired several new employees and the results spoke for themselves.

    We were losing money. quickly.

    The team was frantic
    Everyone was lost
    We were missing deadlines and pushing projects
    And our students were getting frustrated with the lack of support and attention they needed and deserved
    Coming into this company, all I knew was how to build an online business. not run a company. I never had to delegate or outsource or manage. and I'd never trained anyone in my life!

    It was a total nightmare.

    At the 6 month mark I flew down to San Diego to meet my dad for our quarterly meeting.

    After showing him the financials and the report of what we did vs. what we had planned my dad said, "Jess, this is not acceptable."

    My ego was struck so I defended myself. "It's not me Dad, it's my team. They can't get it together."

    He looked at me and said very calmly but sternly, "It doesn't sound like a team problem, it sounds like a leader problem."

    And then what he said next hit me like a ton of bricks. He said, "Unlike what most people think, leaders are not born leaders. They LEARN to lead."

    Wow, that was the first time I heard that. I always thought people were natural 'born-leaders' and that people would just follow my lead based on my actions.

    I quickly realized that unless I wanted to be a 'one-man team' for the rest of my life, I absolutely NEEDED to become a great leader.

    So I asked him, "What did you do?"

    He said, "I learned. just like you need to do."

    So he sent me an audio file. I could tell it was from one of his live courses.

    As I was listening I could feel my hands getting sweaty. I started to pinpoint where I made my mistakes.

    I finally understood what was going on, what I was doing wrong and more importantly, I started to learn what I needed to do instead.

    After just 30 days of implementing
    what I learned. our company brought
    in $25,000 in sales!

    A nice change from negative $50,000. Yes or yes?

    Then the next month, we made $35,000 in sales.

    Then 6 months later we broke our first $100,000 month!

    I couldn't believe what was happening right in front of my eyes. It was a complete 360 within the company.

    Fast forward to today. We range between $325,000- $675,000 a month in revenue!

    We have a team of 10 rockstars and our students LOVE us!

    Looking back I can see very clearly why we've been able to reach such a high level of success.

    We have great products
    We put our students first and always put ourselves in their shoes
    We built a great team
    And finally, we became great leaders.
    The last point can be a huge challenge. Many of us are so laser-focused on our product, service, marketing, operations and all the other aspects of our business that we dismiss the part that's a HUGE component in making a company thrive and become successful.

    It's leadership that.

    Helps businesses grow and sustain high levels of success
    Gets other people to take action and become part of your vision
    Keeps people motivated to show up and perform at their best
    Makes you and everyone around you feel confident in what you're doing and the decisions you're making
    My point here is that you absolutely must be a great leader to succeed. Simply put, those who don't struggle.

    The good news is.

    Leaders aren't born leaders
    They learn to lead

    So if you want to.

    . become a better communicator with others,

    . make better decisions under pressure,

    . build better systems and processes for your company to follow,

    . delegate work and be confident your team performs at a very high level,

    . earn high amounts of income AND still be liked by everyone in your company.

    . Then you have definitely come to the right place! I'm so excited to introduce you to our brand new program.

    Step Up And Lead: "A Simple And Powerful
    System That Makes Anyone A Great Leader"

    This online program is meant for ambitious professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs and even employees looking to advance their business or careers to an elite level.

    In these 3 modules, you'll learn the exact strategies that took Harv Eker International from -$50,000 - $4,000,000/year. No fluff, no business theory - just the same set of principles anyone can use to become an effective leader. practically overnight.

    You'll also receive a set of powerful, yet easy to use fill-in-the blank templates to help guide you along every step of the way.

    This is a very simple, yet extremely powerful SYSTEM that will turn anyone into a great leader almost instantly.

    Here's What's Included In The Program

    Module 1 - Become An Effective And Efficient Communicator

    If you want to become a great leader, you must become a master communicator.

    In this module you'll discover.

    How to make sure whoever you're talking to fully understands the instructions you're giving.
    How to make your communication concise and easy to understand.
    The most effective way to getting anyone to pay full attention to you when you are talking.
    How to connect on a deeper level with your teammates and build trust with them.
    How your voice and your tone makes an impact on how well your team performs.
    How to make sure you don't sound arrogant when you are talking so your team feels appreciated.
    How to truly inspire your team so they go above and beyond and commit to you wholeheartedly.
    And much, much more!

    Module 2 - The Ultimate Leadership System

    The fastest way to become a world-class leader is to have a highly effective and proven system to follow.

    In this module you'll discover.

    Exactly what you need to do in order to lead effectively.
    How to lead at a high-level and execute actions with your team.
    The 4 most important questions leaders ask themselves prior to starting a project.
    Why most people are poor leaders and how to avoid the mistakes they make.
    How to become a pro-active leader that can sense problems and obstacles before they happen.
    How to get and give constructive feedback so you're continuously improving your leadership skills and personal atmosphere.
    And much, much more!

    Module 3 - Characteristics Of The Ultimate Leader

    The fastest way to become a world-class leader is to have a highly effective and proven system to follow.
    If you want to be a great leader, you must act like a great leader. That means your habits, traits, mindsets and characteristics must follow a specific mentality. In this module, you're going to learn everything you need to know to be able to become like one of the world's greatest leaders.

    In this module you'll discover.

    The 15 characteristics that make up a great leader.
    The #1 characteristic you need to develop that will have the biggest impact on your life.
    How to make sure your team trusts you and the decisions you're making.
    How to keep energy and motivation high, even if things are going terribly.
    How to become more reliable and create an environment where everyone supports each other.
    How to move everyone you lead into consistent action so you achieve your goals quickly and effectively.
    And much, much more!

    Code: Harv Eker - Step Up and Lead 2019.rar

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