Well, folks, first of all: Sorry my bad english. My english, lets call it a ''work in progress''. Well, i have everything i need to run all my 5 Call of Duty - Ghosts DLCs perfectly (at least i think i have it). The compatibility pack 1 and compatibility pack 2, the season pass and all the five DLCs -Onslaugh, Devastation, Invasion , Nemesis and Free Fall. Each item (read only unchecked) and unblocked by content manager. I also checked if my DLCs have the same MEDIA ID name as my main game .xex file. Done. The DLCs have nothing writed in the ''MEDIA ID'' name box in the content manager, then, im deducing they are region free. I still dont know what TU i must to use. The right TU. Then, i tried the TU 16 and TU 17 and with all of those items correctly checked and transfered via Horizon software what im having is this: Everytime i run the game, Just the Free Fall map and 4 maps from one of the five DLCs are listed in the DLCs maps section, inside the game. Sometimes i run the game and every single map is there, sometimes not. The DLCs maps appears ramdomly and i dont know why and what im doing wrong. Im new in the Xfuckingowesomebox 360 world, and im loving it, some games just got me nervous when related to the ''DLC content''. Some of them is not so simple as the PC side, i think. If you can help me, ill appreciate that. I love Call of Duty and im loving the CoD Ghost saga. I love play multiplayer bots. I NEED all that DLC maps. Killing bots is a therapeutic thing, i must say lol everybody should try. Thank you very much for the repplies.