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Thread: Sound Samples Collection Pack [Daily Update by SceneP2P]

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    Default Zenhiser - First Light Trance (MIDI, WAV)

    Zenhiser - First Light Trance (MIDI, WAV) | 3.88 GB
    Zenhiser returns with a glimpse into the distant future, "First Light - Trance" submerses itself in a harder edge of Trance, incorporating rigid hitting drums, throbbing basslines, trademark synth loops and the perfect balance between rumbling and ethereal. This energetic concoction is a great addition to your sample collection and production skills.

    Designed for optimal flexibility, this Trance sample pack has been painstakingly modelled on key producers including Project8, Allen Watts, Bryan Kearney, Aly & Fila, Stonface & Terminal, Mark Sherry, Paul van Dyk, Sneijder and Standerwick. Inside the pack you'll find a crisp selection of primed samples, loops, stems and midi reaching most corners of the Trance realm. Song Starters ensure an instant injection of heroism to your tracks, full mix loops and their individual parts offer punchy drum loops, pounding basslines and fundamental synth lines. Essential drum hits deliver the tools to build exemplary drum beats whilst deep, twisted one shots become the icing on the cake. We haven''t left out midi either as this will supercharges your programming skills with near endless possibilities. With such a wealth of Trance goodness you'll be challenging tracks on labels like Who's Afraid Of 138?, Vandit Records, Damaged Records, ASOT, FSOE Clandestine and Kearnage Recordings.

    So if you're in need of luscious sounds with the inclusion of hi energy patterns, simply take a listen to the preview, download the pack and hear the difference for yourself

    Song Starters 05 - Includes full mix previews, kicks, sub bass, drums, basslines, pads, leads, plucks, fx and drum rolls) - 83
    Drum Hits - 01 Kicks - 17
    Drum Hits - 02 Open Hi Hats - 17
    Drum Hits - 03 Closed Hi Hats - 17
    Drum Hits - 04 Snares - 16
    Drum Hits - 05 Claps - 17
    Drum Hits - 06 Rides - 16
    Loops - Basslines - 25
    Loops - Instruments - 92
    Loops - Drum Beats - 50
    Loops - Full Mix - 25
    Loops - Midi - 25
    Loops - Synth - 34
    One Shots - Bass - 51
    One Shots - FX - 50
    One Shots - Synths - 50

    Total Samples - 558
    Total Midi - 86
    Total Presets - 0
    Tempo - 132bpm - 140bpm
    Unzip Size - 4.1GB


    Code: - FirstLight Trance.part1.rar - FirstLight Trance.part2.rar - FirstLight Trance.part3.rar - FirstLight Trance.part4.rar

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    Default Big Fish Audio Guitar Sessions: Indie and Alternative Guitars (KONTAKT)

    Big Fish Audio Guitar Sessions: Indie and Alternative Guitars (KONTAKT) | 2.24 GB
    This huge collection of guitar indie and alternative songwriters - a celebration of groups such as The Lumineers, Of Monsters and Men, The Head and Heart, Mumford and Sons, Fun, Alabama Shakers, Florence and the Machine, The Avett Brothers, Fall Out Boy Queens of the stone Ages, civil wars, Temp-Traps, Young Novalis imagines Dragons and m

    Code: Fish Audio - Guitar Sessions Indie Alternative.part1.rar Fish Audio - Guitar Sessions Indie Alternative.part2.rar Fish Audio - Guitar Sessions Indie Alternative.part3.rar

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    Default Big Fish Audio - Mariachi MULTiFORMAT

    Big Fish Audio - Mariachi MULTiFORMAT | 3.03 GB
    Embrace the swagger and the influence of the Mexican Mariachi music. Spice up your tracks with the Son Jaliscience, Ranchera, Huapango, Jarabe and other traditional and modern rhythms of Mexico, that will make you scream - Que Viva el Mariachi! Easily woven into the spirit of Mexico in its track with vocals Gritos rough sounds, melodic vocals Coro, low sound Guitarron, uncontrolled chords played from Vihuela and the Guitar, and no mariachi would not be complete without spicy, soaring melodies coming from the violins and pipes.


    Code: Fish Audio - Mariachi.part1.rar Fish Audio - Mariachi.part2.rar Fish Audio - Mariachi.part3.rar Fish Audio - Mariachi.part4.rar

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    Default Ilya Efimov Rock Bass (KONTAKT)

    Ilya Efimov Rock Bass (KONTAKT) | 5.85 GB
    Ilya Efimov Rock Bass is a unique addition to the line of our bass libraries. It captures the sound of a hi-end Sadowsky NYC 5 string bass played with a pick (plectrum). Not to mention that Sadowsky company itself is a respected bass guitars manufacturer, moreover the particular instrument used for sampling had strong low-end punch accompanying with great tightness. Due to such distinct and balanced tone many famous rock and pop musicians made they choice in favor Sadowsky instruments. We know that some our customers have been longing for such kind of sampled bass.

    Like all our previous bass libraries this one is easy and intuitive to use due to a sophisticated algorithm, which automatically selects strings, changes left-hand position on the fretboard and turns on/off legato in real time. And as before three playing techniques are included in a single patch - pick, slap, palm-mute and additional articulations. Customary Open String mode, Chord Detection mode and X-note mode are also there, as well as Repetition keys and FX noises controls.
    However Ilya Efimov Rock Bass introduces some new functions - like Downstroke mode, allowing playing steady bass parts so usual in hard rock music. Also there was added a retrospective round-robin algorithm, triggering each time a new sample avoiding "machine-gun effect" even if you keep pressing a key at the same velocity. Plus a special keyswitch now provides resetting of the round robin sequence to the initial position. So now you can Rock!!!

    5.8 ncw compression format
    7414 samples, 24 bit, 44.1 KHz
    Up to 14 velocity layers, 22 frets on each string with round-robin algorithm
    Pick, Slap and Palm-Mute articulations in one patch
    Different natural legato for Pick, Slap and Palm-Mute articulations
    Thumb and Pop slap articulations with Auto and Manual selection
    Special Downstroke articulation
    Auto and Manual String and Position Selection
    Attack control
    Two variants of Slide-ups, Flageolets and X-notes (with two modes of performance)
    Repetition keys for X-notes and last articulations
    Realistic glissando note-to-note
    AMP cabinet and Bass tone effects
    Multiple FX and Noises (strokes, fret noises, releases)

    Publisher: Ilya Efimov
    Format: KONTAKT
    Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo
    Description: The five-string bass mediator for rock and pop music.
    Structure: B E A D G (B-E-A-D-G)

    Native Instruments full retail Kontakt 5.6.0 or higher
    Windows 7 or 8, Intel Core Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2, 4 GB
    Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 or 10.8, Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB
    5 GB free disk space


    Code: Efimov - Rock Bass.part1.rar Efimov - Rock Bass.part2.rar Efimov - Rock Bass.part3.rar Efimov - Rock Bass.part4.rar Efimov - Rock Bass.part5.rar Efimov - Rock Bass.part6.rar

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    Default Output Signal v1.3.1 (KONTAKT)

    Output Signal v1.3.1 (KONTAKT) | 19.23 GB
    SIGNAL - fatty Analog synths and perfectly recorded live instruments, combined innovative way
    SIGNAL - a powerful new tool for virtual KONTAKT, focused on the generation of pulses by combining the warmth of fatty analog and digital synthesizers to organic beauty tools. The tool includes 20 GB of multi-dynamic and round-robin samples, which will allow you to create a wide range of combinations and completely new sounds.

    Supports Komplete Kontrol keyboards and Maschine

    •500 Pulse Instruments for instant playability
    •A massive array of content - 40GB including analog synths, digital synths and organic instruments
    •Up to 4 separate pulses at one time
    •All pulses lock to tempo
    •Rhythms: Looper, Step Sequencers, Arpeggiators, LFO's
    •4 central MACRO sliders unique to each of the 500 Pulse Instruments
    •Effects control globally and per layer
    •Convolution reverb engine
    •Advanced mode for access to all parameters
    •Copy and paste settings between layers
    •Smart tagging preset menu
    •Simple design and ease of use



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    Default Hideaway Studio The String Collection II v1.1 (KONTAKT)

    Hideaway Studio The String Collection II v1.1 (KONTAKT) | 1.24 GB
    As with all of my Kontakt instruments, the ethos behind them is not so much an attempt to capture and recreate the past but an opportunity to present the original source material as textures, elements and building blocks in order to create something new. At the same time, hopefully some of the original beauty and character of these rare and vintage instruments and equipment will shine through.


    Code: Studio - The String Collection II v1.1.part1.rar Studio - The String Collection II v1.1.part2.rar

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    Default Infinit Essentials The GOAT 1.0 WIN.OSX-DECiBEL

    Infinit Essentials The GOAT 1.0 WIN.OSX-DECiBEL | 1.85 GB
    Infinit Essentials, Trap master modern sound, are you The GOAT VST, a new VST instrument designed for Trap genre. It is simple and intuitive, compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and Mac OS. It comes in VST and Audio Unit (AU) format. In total, the instrument offers 48 high-quality sounds for creativity, including bells, brass, choir, flute, guitar, keyboards, Lida, Plaka, lining and more.

    Version: 1.0
    Developer: Infinit Essentials
    Format: VSTi, AU
    Bit depth: 32bit, 64bit
    Medicine: cured
    System requirements: Compatible for both Winows 32bt / 64bt & Mac
    Comes in both VST & Audio unit formats


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    Default Big EDM Solar Deep House MULTiFORMAT

    Big EDM Solar Deep House MULTiFORMAT | 2.01 GB
    Big EDM nothing restrains and offers an unmatched collection inspired by jazz and soul sounds with Solar Deep House. Package 2 GB that is provided with five sets, presets, and additional audio samples for Serum and Sylenth1.

    Solar Deep House is ideal for working after hours in low light conditions or for those who want to get relaxed, deep groove, graceful and mesmerizing. Immerse yourself in the library, which is equipped with fat bass lines, patterns deft percussion, string pads, bright horns, loops abstract and minimalist synthesis tools, a rich harmony.
    5 complete sets of complete smash track on imported Stam and WAV loops. Designed to allow you to cut and divide Stam to restore the mix, which becomes your own. Feeling creative? Choose from more than 300 additional audio samples.
    From single samples to melodic loops, strong kicks, clear dishes and fresh tunes. Subbasy, Plaka, Lida, chords, guitar with nylon strings, the piano in the lounge style, rise, fall, sound effects, claps, and more.
    We use the latest technological tools and methods to maintain the high quality standard. All of our sounds have been designed to provide you with a unique and diverse options of audio samples that you will not find anywhere else. If you want to create a flawless and amazing deep house, add the Solar Deep House by Big EDM to your library today.

    Publisher: Big EDM
    Website: sounds.beatport
    Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo


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    Default 8Dio Claire Alto Flute Virtuoso (KONTAKT)

    8Dio Claire Alto Flute Virtuoso (KONTAKT) | 6.43 GB
    Welcome to our series Claire Virtuoso Woodwind, created by Emmy nominated composer Colin O'Malley. Series Claire Woodwind - it's a deep collection of the best virtuoso woodwind soloists. This is a very playable instruments, filled with genuine emotions, light and balanced behavior.

    Full Retail version of Kontakt 5.5 or later required

    Our Alto Flute Virtuoso is the most expressive, playable and lifelike Alto-Flute ever sampled. The Alto Flute Virtuoso VST was recorded in a symphonic hall and contains three microphone positions (Close, Decca, Wide). The core of the instrument is its highly advanced legato system, which includes both lyrical and strong legato. The legato system allows you to play legato with passionate arcs and sustains. We recorded arcs with both light, medium, and strong vibrato, so you can freely sculpt your performance from the subtle to vibrant. Also, we also added trills, runs, staccatissimo, marcato and even non-tonal effects like breaths, valve sounds, and natural click noises, etc.
    Advanced Legato
    Claire Alto-Flute Virtuoso is based on a highly intuitive, playable and expressive legato system. We sampled a variety of different types of dramatic arcs that are all connected to the legato system, so you can go between sustains that are gentle (p-mp), to strong (f-ff) or sustain types with less or more vibrato. All these articulations can seamlessly be connected while you are playing using our highly advanced legato system.
    Claire Alto Flute Virtuoso contains three microphone positions (Close, Decca, Wide) and everything was sampled at 96Khz, which provides an unprecedented detail in the sound and reveal details that would otherwise have been lost at lower resolutions. The fidelity of the library is especially revealing once you start combining the microphones and hear the warmth of the instrument, reflections of the room, the air and all the tiny, little details so often missed.
    2 Different Types of Solo Legato (Lyrical & Strong)
    Legato Articulation Types:
    -Legato Natural
    -Legato Medium 1
    -Legato Medium 2
    -Legato Strong 1
    -Legato Strong 2
    -Legato Sustain X-Fade
    -Legato Staccatissimo
    -Legato Marcato Expressivo
    Sustains MW/Crossfade Controlled
    Marcato Expressivo
    2nd Minor Trill
    2rd Major Trill
    1 Octave Runs Up/Down
    2 Octave Runs Up/Down
    -MP-MF-MP 2
    -MP-F SHRT
    Bonus: 2nd player option
    Bonus: Breath Samples
    Bonus: Valve/Click Samples
    -Hyper Expressive & Playable Classical Alto-Flute
    -96Khz / 3 Microphone Positions (Close, Decca, Wide)
    -Direct download / Cloud Server System
    -Product only available as download
    -Ultra Hi-Def Recordings (96Khz)
    -Recorded in symphonic hall w/ 3 mics (Close, Decca, Wide)
    -Lyrical and Strong Legato Patches
    -Arcs, Marcato, Runs & Sustains
    -Staccatissimo and Trills
    -Full Retail version of Kontakt 5.5 or later required



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    Default Native Instruments ACTION STRIKES v1.2 (KONTAKT)

    Native Instruments ACTION STRIKES v1.2 (KONTAKT) | 3.11 GB
    Building on the success of ACTION STRINGS, ACTION STRIKES delivers high-impact, cinematic percussion with ultimate playability. 12 full ensembles plus 65 single instruments and 12 carefully-compiled Hit Sets exclusively recorded in uncompromising quality.
    Hundreds of timeless rhythms, adaptable for any project. And a one-of-a-kind interface that makes creating blockbuster orchestral percussion faster than ever. Become the conductor - this is ACTION STRIKES.
    ACTION STRIKES gives you 12 carefully-assembled and meticulously recorded ensembles. Each features its own unique sound, accurately capturing the thrill of a live orchestra.
    Go in deep - mix and match the high, middle or low sections of any ensemble with any other with total freedom. Together, you get over 1,700 unique sonic combinations for years of inspiration.
    ACTION STRIKES puts a live percussion ensemble under your leadership. Change rhythms on the fly with intuitive key switches - your left hand controls accents while your right hand chooses variations.
    Bring the sound from a light rumble to a thundering crescendo and back with a quick turn of the mod wheel. Adjust accent strength with the pitch wheel. Even play fills, rolls, and flams on top of your arrangements - all in real-time with ultra-refined control.
    Never rely on a generic loop library again. Freely combine 105 time-tested rhythms to develop your own arrangements - each features five variations per ensemble section for countless rhythmic possibilities. You also get 65 single instruments with 32 playable rhythms and 12 playable sets of single hits.
    Whether your tracks need simple accompaniment or a full-blown percussive assault, your rhythms always fall perfectly into place.
    Founded by Pierre Langer and Tilman Sillescu, Dynamedion has established itself as a leader in soundtrack composition, orchestra production and sound design on the European computer game market. Their work on Ryse: Son of Rome, Rush, KINECT Star Wars, and Crysis 2 have set the standard for large-scale projects in the industry and won a reputation for unsurpassed quality.
    Also highly renowned for scoring movie trailers - including The Last King of Scotland, The Bourne Ultimatum and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - Dynamedion have received numerous prizes and music awards in the past decade.



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