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Thread: FSD3 not finding games

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    Default FSD3 not finding games

    I am having problems with my Xbox not finding games on the home page of FSD 3. I have set the scan to the correct folder but when info to games there aren't any there. I have Xbox live arcade working fine and also emulators. I paid someone on this forum to do it years ago and u til now it's worked fine. Can anyone please help me.


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    Make sure you are adjusting your directory correctly. Are you running these off External HDD?

    My setup:
    HDD0-Games-"actual games"

    By that login I would use the file explorer to go into the directory and click into the games folder, hit Save directory and Mark scan depth as 2 for that. YMMV
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    Default Re: FSD3 not finding games

    sometime it happens. you should change folder name of games folder than try again to add new folder to scan.
    that should do it.

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