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Thread: Community Premium Thread (November 11th Update, check 1st post)

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    Nightdex Guest

    Arrow Community Premium Thread (November 11th Update, check 1st post)

    Jdownloader/Jdownloader BETA file Requirements:

    Must have 1000+ posts

    Have 40+ rep

    Must be a standing member for more than 1 year

    Must state a valid reason to why you need this account (Required)

    General Thread Guidelines, Special Thanks, Special Notes and Other Info:

    Special Thanks:
    Please give thanks to 0ocskillshot, badboy125, Boobooman, Buffu, Dragonz868, Goosa23, Hhaa, j1015, Kirkyeehee, magiikal1, Craze E 1, Nightdex, Sharkie545, and Zax007 for all they have contributed to this thread.

    I'd just like to take the opportunity to give my thanks to Robo as he also maintains this thread at times.
    Install Instructions:

    (This applies to Jdownloader 1, BETA, and Jdownloader 2)
    Warning: Before doing any of this, make sure you back up your current download list by making a DLC of the files. Just right click and choose Create DLC. It's that simple.

    1. Extract your files.

    2. Close jdownloader if you have it open
    and delete the file you are replacing

    3. After deleting the old file, place the new file in the folder.

    4. Open jdownloader and confirm any changes made.

    5. Enjoy.

    SPECIAL NOTES & UPDATES (click spoiler tag to the left):
    ( Click to show/hide )

    You'll likely need to change some settings, like where you want your files to download. As of now it'll likely make this directory to save files in:

    The download directory can be found in the "Download & Connections" in the settings. The theme change can be found under the "User Interface" section.

    If ANY Account isn't working it's because it's either reached it's daily download limit (OTE Upload) or to many people have used the account for the day. (Uploaded) If any other account doesn't work then it's likely waiting to be renewed. If an account is showing invalid try REFRESHING THE ACCOUNT. This usually fixes the problem if none of the above applies.

    (June 22nd, 2013)
    The readme text file that is included with the rar file has new IMPORTANT info that I suggest everyone reads BEFORE adding the new file for their jdownloader of choice. It may save you much time in the long run.
    Also, please try to keep some space in your inbox on If you don't then it will be up to you to come to us for any new accounts/files that are sent out.
    Thank you.

    (July 9th 2013)
    Thanks to the kind contributions of our fellow members of this great community, we are proud to announce that the share thread shall once again be re opened for everyone that meets the requirements to enjoy. Please give special thanks to everyone that has made all of this possible. (listed above) Without them this thread would not be able to continue.

    (July 13th, 2013)
    The ryushare account that goes by "dex360" has been banned again. I am adding this here as I have not had word from dex as of yet to see what he plans to do. will be coming to an end after this premium time expires. (August 7th 2013) Zax007 has very little time to spare these days, he's now giving the uploaded pass up.
    Please give your thanks to him as he's been renewing uploaded since April 2013.

    (July 18th, 2013)

    If you'd like to add an account to our little project then please do not hesitate to send a PM to nightdex or kirkyeehee and we'll discuss it and get back to you. (Please only recurring accounts please. It takes a lot of time and effort to send the new info out to the ever growing member base. (as of the date for this entry it takes about 40-45 minutes to send out to everyone. Then there is the time put into adding info that I have not timed that is easy, but not quick)

    (July 28th, 2013)
    It's now time to retire these accounts for a while guys. It saddens me that I have to do this but, it's come to the point where I need all my spare cash now. My project is almost complete

    However, there is some good news. I'll be bringing these accounts back during October sometime. If you would like to see different file sharing accounts please let myself or Kirk know within this thread. You guys all get 4 picks each. I'll go thorough this thread throughout October and discuss with Kirk which accounts are favored more than others.

    Anyway guys, it's been a great experience sharing these accounts with you guys. I know we've had a few hack attempts but on the most part, most of you guys are fantastic and we the staff are proud to have you guys around. Keep on contributing in our community and I'll speak to you guys in October

    (August 4th, 2013)
    A Very special thank you goes out to mrpaulyd and 0ocskillshot for their kind generosity in updating the premium files and adding their own as well. Please everyone give their kind regards to these 2 members, they deserve your thanks for helping out in the way they have.

    (August 16th, 2013)
    A new OTE account has been added thanks to j1015, and new files will be (have been) sent out today. (August 16th, 2013) Please make sure to give your thanks to j1015 for sharing his account with you all.

    (August 17th' 2013)
    Good morning/afternoon/evening. We're proud to bring you another update about 2 new accounts joining this ever expanding project. These premiums come courtesy of magiikal1 and the accounts in question are for speedyshare and rapidgator. Please everyone give their thanks to magiikal1 for these new accounts. The new files should be sent out sometime today. Thanks for taking the time to read this and happy downloading!

    (August 27th, 2013)
    Small update this time. A new Ryushare account has been added to the list and a few older accounts have been removed that were not being renewed anymore. Everyone should have the latest files sitting in their PM boxes now. Enjoy!

    (September 6th, 2013)

    Starting soon we will be dropping jdownloader 2 from the jdownloader program. Instead we will be using jdownloader BETA in it's place. The 1 database.script file will work in both jdownloader AND jdownloader BETA and all accounts work in jdownloader BETA as well. Instructions will be included in every package update from here on in on how you get jdownloader BETA and how to have both jdownloader and jdownloader BETA on your PC should you want them both. (BETA is jdownloader basically but with a few additional features)

    In light of recent activities we are forced to make this choice. We apologize if this inconveniences anyone currently using jdownloader 2 but we have to take the accounts safety as it's members real hard earned money going into these accounts.

    (September 21st, 2013)

    Small update this time. No new accounts added but jdownloader 2 has been added for those who are having issues with Jdownloader and/or jdownloader beta.

    (October 2nd, 2013)

    Another small update. Buffu was kind enough to share a ryushare premium that he has paid for. Please give him your thanks. The files will be sent out as soon as they are ready.

    (October 14th, 2013)

    A new netload account has been added. Good until the new year.

    (October 20th, 2013)
    This is not really an update to the accounts exactly, just a little info on the current situation. As many of you may have noticed the site went down and during the down time some stuff like post count, and rep have been lost. How will this effect you as members with the premium accounts? Not at all. If you met the requirements before the site went down but do not meet the requirements now, you will still get updates when new files are sent out. We have a list made so we know who met requirements before, so to those who never met the requirements, do not try to say you did. We will know better.

    (October 23rd, 2013)
    After the recent changes myself and Kirk have slowly come to realize that we have made this too easy for you guys. Due to this, myself and Kirk have agreed that we are going back to the way things were before. Everything will stay as is now, but from here on out, you guys will now have to request the link to the Jdownloader files.

    (November 10th, 2013)

    Buffu has supplied us with another new Ryushare account for 1 month. The old account has been removed and the new account added, so if you want this new ryushare account, please ask either within this thread, or PM kirkyeehee or nightdex. (I (kirkyeehee) may be slow to respond because of personal issues at home right now that takes priority over all.)

    Please give Buffu your thanks for providing another month of ryushare.

    (December 13th, 2013)

    There is NO NEW FILE. Please stop asking for a new file. The last one sent out with NOVEMBER 10th in the title is the LAST new one out. IF there is a new file to hand out., I (kirkyeehee) will send it via mass PM. Unless my father takes a turn for the worst or passes on... then it will be up to someone else to do.

    (December 22nd, 2013)

    New Poll Added to determine what the 1 account Nightdex will be supplying from now on. Whatever has the most votes when the poll closes in 2 weeks, will be the account that nightdex supplies. Choose well!
    (There are no new files out now, so please do not ask for new files)

    (January 15th, 2014)
    Badboy125 has provided us with a premium Ryushare account. This is a "rat" account, (whatever that means) so it may go down at any time. We have no idea if/when it will be renewed, so use it while you can.

    The files will be sent out at some point today. Just have patience. Thank you.

    (February 3rd 2014)

    Badboy125 has provided us with a premium Ryushare account. This is a "rat" account, (whatever that means) so it may go down at any time. We have no idea if/when it will be renewed, so use it while you can.

    The files will be sent out by badboy125 and Craze E 1 at some point today. Just have patience. Thank you.

    (February 6th 2014)

    Badboy125 has provided us with a premium Ryushare account. This is a "rat" account, (whatever that means) so it may go down at any time. We have no idea if/when it will be renewed, so use it while you can. mrpaulyd and badboy125 have also removed any invalid accounts now. So now you should only see 5 valid accounts.

    The files will be sent out by badboy125 and mrpaulyd at some point today. Just have patience. Thank you.

    (February 10th 2014)

    Sharkie545 has provided us with a Debrid account. The new link will be sent out by badboy125 and mrpaulyd at some point today. Thank you.

    (February 24th 2014)

    Badboy has sorted out a new temp uploaded account good until 7/3/2014.

    (February 25th 2014)

    A new Ryushare Account added - good until 19/3/2014 - thanks Badboy
    A new Uploaded account added - good until 26/5/2014 - thanks Mrpaulyd
    A new uploaded account added - good until 23/3/2014 - thanks Badboy
    A new temp uploaded account added - good until 07/3/2014 - thanks Badboy

    (March 23rd 2014)

    Badboy has kindly provided everyone with a Ryushare account. The new link will be sent out by badboy125 and mrpaulyd at some point today. Thank you.

    (April 4th 2014)

    @badboy125 has sorted out a extra Ryushare account for us all to share, this one is good until 14/4/2014
    That should help lighten the load on the other account.

    Please send your thanks his way & also to the other members who continue to donate their accounts & help keep this going.

    (May 14th 2014)

    @Oocskillshot has sorted everyone out with an simple-debrid pass. Please give your thanks to him. BadBoy and Craze will shortly be sending out the new link so please be patient. The JDownloafer 1 file is missing from the new update, nothing new has been added so you can use the JD file from the 4.4.14 update. Should you require the file to be resent, please PM either Craze E 1 or BadBoy and we will send it to you.

    (June 11th 2014)

    noobert has kindly donated his FileOM account for us all to share, please take the time to send him your thanks. The new files should be going into your inboxes shortly.

    (July 31st 2014)

    Badboy125 has sorted out two new Rapidgator accounts for us all to use, please send him your thanks.
    Expired accounts have been removed (Check read me file for more details)

    (August 19th 2014)

    badboy125 has sorted out another Uploaded account to take the load off of Craze E 1's account so hopefully everyone will be able to download the files they want

    (August 20th 2014)

    Nightdex has sorted out a new Xerver account for us all to share, this account has only been added to the JD 2 file as Xerver isn't supported in JD 1 yet

    Please take the time to post & send your thanks Dex's way


    (October 13th 2014)

    badboy125 has sorted out a new Uploaded account for us all to share

    As always please send your thanks & enjoy the account!!

    (October 29th 2014)

    badboy125 has sorted out a replacement Uploaded account as the last one no longer works

    (November 11th 2014)

    badboy125 & JJtheStrangler has chipped in together to buy a 90 day Simply Debrid account for everyone to use

    Please send both of them your thanks & enjoy the new account that has been missed since we had one last time



    Any new member that sends me a PM asking for pass will be ignored. I will delete each and every PM from a new member upon site. Any member that doesn't follow my requirements will be instantly disqualified. Also please be aware that abusing the rep system will result in you being instantly disqualified indefinitely from the use of any of my premium accounts. You will be caught so don't try it as this is only going to hurt your future stay with our community

    You guys all get a pass upon request. My requirements can be disregarded if your a mod.


    1. Only Nightdex, kirkyeehee, Craze E 1, and Badboy are to give these files out. Anyone else caught sharing these files will lose all rights to the premium accounts and will be added to the List of Shame below.

    2. Anyone trying to gain access to these files from any other member except for Nightdex, kirkyeehee, Craze E 1 and Badboy will be barred from using this service and added to the List of Shame. The requirements are there for a reason! (Please send us a screen shot of the PM so we can see this for ourselves)

    3. If someone is trying to con you into giving them access to these files. Please PM either Nightdex, kirkyeehee, Craze E 1 or Badboy so the appropriate actions can be taken. It's better than giving out the info and getting caught and causing yourself to lose the accounts as well.

    This is a short list for myself an Kirk to see who has the Jdownloader file.

    ( Click to show/hide )


    Anyone in this list will be banned
    from using these premiums.
    Username: X24
    Reason: Asking other people for 
    the premium accounts when he 
    does not meet requirements.

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    RoboCop Guest


    Thanks nightdex21.

    Also, if you do not fit the requirements, your post will be deleted.

    nightdex21 has stated what is required in the 1st post so don't bother if you don't fulfill them.

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    Default Re: Netload (Month-2-Month)

    because i download everything from netload lol.

    Again, Thanks for sharing Nightdex!

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    Default Re: Netload (Month-2-Month)

    Thanks for sharing again +rep

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    Default Re: Netload (Month-2-Month)

    I would like to get down because I use netload for everything and since I live in the US its troublesome to pay for netload premium.

    either way plus rep for helping others

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    Nightdex Guest

    Default Re: Netload (Month-2-Month)

    No problem guys. My way showing my appreciation to the mods and my fellow friends.

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    Default Re: Netload (Month-2-Month)

    I would appreciate it. I got some decent use out of the old account before it was ruined. Not as much as of late, though. I tried using it today for a project I'm working on for the site to make the dlc section a bit more organized (which hopefully will be done tonight), and it's slightly more difficult to complete without a netload account. Either way, I'm glad you didn't give up, or let the leech get away with it.

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    Default Re: Netload (Month-2-Month)

    I want it because i love Netload and its Download speed.

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    Default Re: Netload (Month-2-Month)

    Glad your back up and running

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    Default Re: Netload (Month-2-Month)

    Hey again NIGHT, thanks for restarting this again, I'd love to use this again!

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