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    Default XBOX 360 download

    hi guys

    I downloaded a backup of FIFA 19 and also FIFA 16

    The games after being downloaded where not in the expected ISO format, but the actual format as they are stored on my external games folder.

    So i tried to just drop them onto the games folder on my external HDD in the folder with all the other games named Fifa 19 and Fifa 16 respectively but when i plug into the Xbox 360 and try to load via FSD 3 i just get the game s cannot load message. all my other games work no problem.

    Question is what do i have to do with games when they are not in iso format.

    Most of the games i have on my HDD are old as i have not used in a while but my little girl has just started playing on it and thought i would try and get some newer games but not sure if how games are downloaded and converted etc has changed.

    My console has RGH mod and is the Phat version


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    Default Re: XBOX 360 download

    You must specify what You download: ISO or RGH. Most of download is packed with WinRAR.
    If You use propher tool (I think WinRAR 5.50), this tool learn You what is wrong.
    In GOD (containers) We Trust.

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