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Thread: A very STRANGE request

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    Default A very STRANGE request

    Hi Guy`s .
    Now this may be very s STRANGE request. But I am desperate. I Only need disk A
    I am looking for ONLY this game
    Fable_2_USA_XBOX360-STRANGE 2008-10-18 ( strange-fable2a ) NTSC DVD9

    The Reason I need this specific variant is I have tried every other version and all have failed with the save games bug... Not reloading,
    Please Please do not ask or say...Well this other versions works fine with mine with TU X etc..... as I have exhausted every avenue of every other release and TU variant in existence. This was the only variant that I ever got working OK on my console correctly and had this backed up on an external hard drive…only for that hard drive to fail and now I have lost the backup copy I had.

    Please again NO OTHER VERSION only

    Fable_2_USA_XBOX360-STRANGE 2008-10-18

    I have searched everywhere for this particular variant of the game and it`s comes up blank everywhere and I think my only hope is to someone here maybe has this file on archive somewhere.
    Please if you have this Fable_2_USA_XBOX360-STRANGE 2008-10-18 ONLY this variant will do. I cannot stipulate this enough.

    Thank you guys for any help you can offer me.
    Best Regards,
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    Default Re: A very STRANGE request

    Link Removed. (Rule Violation) this is a paid for link but this website has a really extensive list of games
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