Hi all,

First time posting here!

I am having an odd issue with my RGH'd slim. Basically I used Horizon to make a gamer picture pack, and while it copies, shows and previews no problem on the XBOX, if I use it, my profile turns into a gray box instead.

All OG/Legit gamer pics work no problem, it's just my custom ones that have an issue.

My steps were as follows:

1- Format USB on my 360 to stay in its format
2- Shut down 360 to safely remove USB device
3- Insert USB device on PC
4- Open Horizon (Detected it no problem)
5- Use its Gamer Picture generator
6- Find some pics of its own, make a pack, save it onto the USB device.
7- Close Horizon, safely remove USB
8- Insert USB device onto 360
9- Turn it on
10- Copy from USB flash drive to internal memory the gamer picture pack
11- (Both in Aurora and in the XBOX dashboard) Press the XBOX button on controller
12- Go to profile > change gamer picture
13- Choose custom picture
(here's the odd part, here, the xbox freezes for a second or two)
14- I'm returned to the list where it asks for public/whatever gamer pics, but it has my old one, not the new one.

If I restart the xbox all my gamer pics show as a gray box on the official XBOX dash, and on Aurora, a white square with an X inside.

What am I doing wrong here?