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    Default Guitar Hero 3 FATAL CRASH INTERCEPTED

    I am getting this error playing on the base game with no title updates installed as soon as a song finishes.

    Right after it says "You Rock!" on the screen it stutters and pops "Fatal Crash Intercepted" and reboots into Aurora.

    I have tried installing the latest Title Update to which just causes it to fatal crash before the song starts.

    Has anyone else encountered this problem? This is the only game I have had this happen on and literally all other GH/Rock Band games work without a hitch.

    **For what it's worth I have tried two separate copies of the game.

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    Default Re: Guitar Hero 3 FATAL CRASH INTERCEPTED

    You have tried RGH/GOD/XEX versions ?
    If they don't work try to download ISO and make XEX/GOD from ISO.
    Check on other profile, if this works, than delete saves from this game in Your profile.
    It looks that copy You use aren't valid.
    In GOD (containers) We Trust.

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    Default Re: Guitar Hero 3 FATAL CRASH INTERCEPTED

    This is a problem with Aurora, since it happened right as I installed and started using aurora too. It seems to store plugin data in the same memory addresses as GH3 uses for a few things. You can usually fix it by renaming the folder you have GH3 in or removing the game, restarting the console, then installing the game again, but into another folder with a new name. But make sure to use the TU3 for GH3, it seems to work best with that alongside aurora. AND also disable the Nova plugin when you play GH3. Since that seems to be what's using up the GH3 memory.
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