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Thread: Trine 2 - Goblin Menace xbla

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    Default Trine 2 - Goblin Menace xbla

    Subject refers.

    I have got trine 2 - complete story, but i read somewhere we they say that a dlc of 6 level has been released.

    Please assist if you have same.

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    Default Re: Trine 2 - Goblin Menace xbla

    According to wiki


    Goblin Menace expansion[edit]

    An expansion pack for the game entitled Trine 2: Goblin Menace was released September 7, 2012. It features six new levels, a new story, and several new skills which will also be available in the original game.[16] Frozenbyte marketing director Mikael Haveri has also revealed that it will also feature several new puzzles based on light, water, low gravity and magnetic elements.[17] The expansion, originally only released for the PC platforms, will be included alongside the Wii U release of the game, and the Wii U is the only non-PC console planned to receive this expansion.[15]
    On February 7, 2013, a Frozebyte representative reported on their website that due to relatively poor sales for Trine 2 on Xbox 360 Live Arcade and PlayStation 3 Network, the conversion for the expansion for these consoles would not be cost effective, thus Trine 2: Goblin Menace will not likely be seen on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 in the foreseen future.[18]

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