Before you lay judgement or tell me to "use the search function," I have already done this extensively. There are plenty of great tutorials and posts for 360 modding; however, these posts and tutorials are from many years ago, and I need a current opinion on the devices I have and what updated options I have with them. If the tutorials haven't "changed" since their initial posts or I missed a recent update and guide, I am happy to wander off and do my thing with a nudge in the right direction.

Here is what I have:

Fat 360
Dashboard 17502
Samsung TS-H943A drive spoofed as original drive
When Xbox was auto updated to Dashboard 17502 back in 2016, MS banned this 360 entirely because it recognized the drive as spoofed. I recently fired it up, and I can get in to my profile and around the dashboard and even load a game, but I didnt try to go online with it.

Slim 360
Gears of War Edition
Mfr. Date 7-8-2011
Philips-LiteOn 16D4S
Dashboard: 17150
Un-modded and can go online.

What is my objective?
To be able to play copies of my 360 games from a large hard drive, offline. I am not looking to play newer games on these consoles.


Now, considering there have been updates from both MS and the modding community in general, what are my best options for these consoles? Thank you kindly!