Blade Strangers combines the excitement and subtle dynamics of a classic one-on-one fighting game with the polish and high-quality visuals expected from a current-gen contender.

The game will arrive feature-rich at launch, complete with a wide variety of online and offline gameplay modes and additional offerings including:

• Story Mode – experience each character’s unique story.

• Arcade Mode – pick a character and win matches to advance.

• Challenge Mode – complete various skill challenges for each of the characters.

• Survival Mode – battle against a barrage of CPU-controlled opponents.

• Versus Mode – fight against friends or the CPU (with “standby” option).

• Online Modes – create or search for rooms and engage in Stealth, Casual or League matches.

• Tutorial – for new players to learn the basics.

• Training – practice moves and combos to hone skills (with “standby” option).

• Other Features – online leaderboards, screen view and control customization, player profiles, stat tracking, unlockable items (character colors, portraits, special titles).

Source: Nicalis