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Thread: Aurora 0.7b.1 with NOVA

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    Default Aurora 0.7b.1 with NOVA

    Aurora 0.7b contains some bug fixes and some exiting new features and improvements, big and small:

    Profile / Disc Panel
    New CoverFlow Layout 'Minimal'
    Disc Number Indicator and Title Sort
    RSS Feeds
    Customizable Background Animation
    Profile Selector / Auto Sign-in at boot
    Title Specific Settings
    Saved Game Manager
    Temperature Graph
    Utility Scipts engine improvements
    New Skinning Features (QuickView Settings, Avatars, Video's, etc)

    And last, but not least, Freestyle Plugin has been rebranded/replaced:

    NOVA, including a new WebUI


    This release includes the long awaited NOVA plugin. This first version is more or less a rebrand of the Freestyle Plugin version, and includes a few fixes and a brand new responsive WebUI.


    The release package is intended for clean installs. Do not use the release package to update from an existing Aurora version, as critical file/folder changes are not executed this way. Use the updater to update a previous version instead.

    Aurora 0.7b.1 - Release Package

    MD5: 3F616CCD3C4B3729E3270719EF40FBD6

    SHA1: C5ECAE772DA360ED2F28ECF59BCB212F2FC51C96

    SHA-256: 4BF34436FA4309A490234979A9C01F89DD71989CB230E0D3AABA766AD705F5CC

    Note: This update is available via the Auto Updater in Aurora.

    AuroraElements (XUI Extensions)

    Note: Extract the rar, in XuiTools go to Tools->Options...->General

    Under XML Extensions press Change..., then Add... and browse for the extracted xml. Hit Ok three times and restart XuiTools. The new elements are now available.

    Source: Phoenix Xbox Unity
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    Default Re: Aurora 0.7b with NOVA

    Installed this morning, works perfectly!!

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    Default Re: Aurora 0.7b with NOVA

    Looks smooth.

    Does anyone know if the trainer bug is fixed? On .6 and .5 the system freezes a few secs after launching. Regardless of game same thing happens when using aurora specific trainers. The only workaround I found is to launch the game sans trainer, then dashboarding back out, and relaunching with trainer.
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    Default Re: Aurora 0.7b with NOVA

    What is AuroraElements (XUI Extensions) and how does it work?

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    Default Re: Aurora 0.7b.1 with NOVA

    Aurora/NOVA 0.7b.1 hotfix released


    • (Fixed) RSS Feed crash
    • (Fixed) FileBrowser header saying 'Testing File Browser'
    • (Fixed) NetISO showing up in the menu even though its been disabled
    • (Changed) tray state empty in webui to idle
    • (Fixed) String Conversion issue in Msgbox Task Handler that impacted confirmation screens in the Saved Game Updater
    • (Added) Additional languages

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