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Thread: Xbox original video issue

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    Default Xbox original video issue


    I have a softmodded xbox and have been using a original xbox component cable. I opened my xbox to install a 80mm fan which went without any issues well i plug my xbox in and now i have all these lines flashing and the color is a little distorted. it was a direct plug in fan to so i said let me unplug it to see if if maybe its causing an issue and nope the problem still exists. I tried a different tv and different cables going from the tv to the component out for the xbox and still the problem is there. I switched back to composite and the picture is clear no lines no nothing. What could the issue be i highly doubt my xbox component cable failed in the time it took me to install a 80mm fan

    Please help.

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    Default Re: Xbox original video issue

    I have never heard of this issue either, did you check the settings for video output on the xbox menu or whatever dash you are using, to me this sounds like an MS dash video setting issue or maybe the a/v cable went bad or was bad and has a bad wire, so maybe try bending it in different spots to see if it helps, please keep me informed as I am curious too
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