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Thread: Where to begin?

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    Default Where to begin?

    Hi guys, new here,
    got an old xbox 360 that I would love to be able to download games and use on.
    My question is where the heck do I begin.....

    I see a lot of jtag this and flashed that

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    Default Re: Where to begin?

    Watch a few modding tutorials search for the likes of how to flash /RGH a 360 during these videos you`ll get an idea of what you need to do. First of you need to know which type of 360 console you have.> i.e Phat /Slim S or E / which motheerboard and dvd drive you have installed in your 360, The website is a good place to start, check out the guides / video tutorials.

    Flashing is the easier option, especially if you have a phat 360 with a benq drive.

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