- What is Tele X?

Tele X is a version of the telegram that allows you to use this messenger instead of a telegram, every Tele X feature available to your needs, and we are constantly developing this product.

Some parts of the Tele X capabilities:

Chat mode (like the iPhone version of the Telegram): With this feature, you can see your chats before opening the chat page. This feature is currently available in the official iPhone version of the telegram.

Super advanced settings: In Tele X, for the sake of convenience and respect for your taste, we have made it possible for each program point to be adjusted and adjusted.

⚙️ Professional Conversation: In addition to arranging your chats, it is possible to edit and switch professional locations for the tabbed system.

Download Professional Manager: Manage your downloads with this feature, and easily download your downloads with Tele X during your traffic cuts.

How to use cod?

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