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Thread: Who Still Does it Old School?

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    Default Who Still Does it Old School?

    "Burning Xbox 360 Backups in 2018"

    "This seems a little barbaric, lol."

    Anyone still burn discs, instead of using xK3y or JTAG or RGH?

    - O.S

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    Default Re: Who Still Does it Old School?

    Yeah plenty of flashed 360 users still burning disc`s, including myself occasionally,, most folks were really only interested in getting live safe game backups running on the machine hence the reason there`s still way more flashed consoles around in my experience, than Jtag /RGH.

    If you`ve got a Jtag or an RGH, chances are you`ll also have another flashed 360 around.
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    Default Re: Who Still Does it Old School?

    WOW I haven't burned a disk since 2010 your burning disks in 2018 that makes you a pure legend!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Who Still Does it Old School?

    I only knew of buring disks, didn't realise there was other methods!
    Shows how far behind I'am with all this

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    Default Re: Who Still Does it Old School?

    Only disc i still have is Tiger Woods 2007 lol But I dont play online much, i just play the RGH with my profile on a usb and move it to my unhacked 360 to upload the achievements lol. I threw away 2 huge garbage bags full of xbox original games a few years back because i have them on a backup drive and a 1tb hdd for it. I had to double bag and they were heavy and still wanted to rip the bags. I had a ton of 360 burnt games but sold that elite console and all the games back in the day for 700.00, it was just a flashed rom hack. Today i have 2 RGH consoles and 1 thats not hacked.
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