Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies +33 TU11

A lot of dev time went into this trainer, mainly working out how the game functions etc and converting it to trainer form.
Im not sure if these mods work online nor do i endorse online play with them, if they work have fun, if not then use them offline as intended.

This is solely made for zombie mode, most mods will also work in Singleplayer Campaign but will not work with MP.


Copy both Launcher and Trainer files to the root of the black ops game folder and run the launcher. Start + Back to show menu.


Back + Start: Menu 1
LB + Start: Menu 2
RB + Start: Menu 3
Back + A: Super Jump toggle

(Normal, High, Super)
Back + B: Health toggle
(Normal, DemiGod Mode, God Mode, Invisible to zombies)
Back + X: Unlimited Ammo
Back + Y: Score Mod
DPAD Left + A: Player Movement Speed

(Normal, Medium, Fast)
DPAD Left + B: Zombie Gravity
(Low, Zero, Normal)
DPAD Left + X: No Clipping Mode
DPAD Left + Y: UFO Mode
DPAD Down + A: Toggle Zombie Spawn
DPAD Down + B: Low Zombie Corpse Count

(fixes a lot of issues if too many items are spawned)
DPAD Down + X: Timescale
(Fast, Slow Motion, Normal)
DPAD Down + Y: Toggle FOV
(Normal, Med, Far)
DPAD Right + A: Modded Bullet Tracers
DPAD Right + B: Gun Position

(Near, Medium, Far)
DPAD Right + X: Third Person Camera Mode
DPAD Right + Y: Top Down Camera Mode
DPAD Up + A: Super Sleight of Hand
DPAD Up + B: Super Double Tap
DPAD Up + X: Mega Melee
DPAD Up + Y: Burst Fire Cooldown Time Modded
LB + A: Toggle Colormap

(Light, Dark, Normal)
LB + B: Poisoned View State
LB + X: Water View State
LB + Y: Force Red Crosshairs
RThumb + A: Toggle Flashlight
RThumb + B: Modded Revive Trigger Radius
RThumb + X: Modded Water Movement Speed
RThumb + Y: Hide Gun
LThumb + A: No Fog
LThumb + B: Show FPS

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Massive thank you to my mate Fezza for letting me share this with you guys.