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Thread: Re: any one have one of the dlc below or is this site as good as dead

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    Exclamation Re: any one have one of the dlc below or is this site as good as dead

    anyone have these dlc XBLA DLC

    Real Steel latest dlc

    Pacific Rim Add-on 07

    Xbox 360 Games DLC

    Cabela's African Safari - Safari Bonus Animal 3C9DA7C13FE9FE7B318526C1563774654A8D6BDA41

    Karaoke Revolution American Idol 1 All DLC needed

    Oops!...I Did It Again 36B356957442BB432C94D44EF988684A657628784B
    Sweet Home Alabama 1D9BCCBD9A7DF71E9CC6C7AB2EBB00A887B6DB3A4B
    Billie Jean FC6339D5C1ABD2A8A60099B2EED7EFF058CA9E874B
    Hit Me With Your Best Shot B0CF97CBFE0F0B3195B626A29D287CBF762F24004B
    Ain't No Mountain High Enough 662712B010A538597202AA7CAFEE3C1AE516ABBA4B
    Boot Scootin' Boogie 31AEE0F7BA32EAEC9E260EFC874B8856309004714B
    How You Remind Me 321875C7C7A8F0C6734A14DD1C22F1091D43FFA64B
    I'll Be There 9BCCB4BE3FB9F443FE003970ADEAC12B284184A44B
    Endless Love 292CA5CBF87BB07F0A85A6C24EA3AD374E4D88C24B
    Every Rose Has Its Thorn CB4467148471D863ABDBB888360012C1F3DA32554B
    I Hate Everything About You 0F125996CEBFC2F4EF98D4AA0A313608263F91B24B
    It's the End of the World As We Know It0360E930758DF387E5928AA2FA40A9FFAB72CE804B
    It's Your Love 9C67C11FCB943E2B12784D08591CE74423CC49AC4B
    My Girl 2F66F73E915ABF6C7FF31A6A46C3CD96119AFAAD4B
    Uptown Girl 0FDA0955A122D6EB0B6CB9CC788DCDD5837ECA554B
    Why Can't I 2FE759193B34D1D45A00C991401821483BA3C2084B
    The Real Thing 7DAAE5CC9CCEA97DD466244C8B0C9D26294572EF4B
    Takin' Care of Business 60E65BA415790A39D13F7138A2380C194AE125194B
    Take On Me AE491506C8F16D676D0F81DEABDAFB510AC8C5AE4B
    Virtual Insanity 6A9289F0654F483923AF64DEC9E5B08D447BC9574B
    Turn The Beat Around 37231C62D1257DCD89526DE68EEBE2E32702E34F4B
    Proud Mary 1AA15ED17EE50FC85C261EEB8DCFE836CB0395CE4B
    Pieces of Me 9629C96F60CC5168556BCCB0B1F100FE5268008D4B
    Shining Star 604D273B304AD796818756B9AAF9DD488153CE6A4B
    Start Me Up FB22A2C6F3C3881CA4B70B5D57ABDFCC406CA84A4B
    On the Road Again AB41A57707E3FBA4D2DCDB6E470B768B2ADA19EA4B
    New York, New York 48E6C4F5DA987439CDE36E21E6E0B0F975FD5E154B
    I've Got You Under My Skin AF61AD977700B095CB903B9ABDDD9481F18A78AD4B
    Drive B186DB9E2D05A8A4DF8136009B9F7E4FEA8C40CA4B
    I Got You Babe A0137A5DF9E39187AC17FD3C95CEDA263D90B8804B
    I Don't Wanna Be E84E70025E07ACA964E1F4220AFD3C57D61E56714B
    I'm With You 9D0F3AC934670A7F3869B8F77365FC0D8867C0F54B
    I'll Be 6FAE60E5549F8FA64CB5DE905B80352C987FE1924B
    Drift Away 48E1684D9F6BCE89A96DFED3C77FB9B4D89112124B
    The Reason 2DBF0EDA56EFA1EE604EA6E56EF86D14CD9DDDBD4B
    Does He Love You 455D0B4566FAC26AB8E06FE9B125A658C04CCD14B
    Independence Day EE38B71204FC73C09DBEF1589636DDF1C6DC8B7D4B
    Take My Breath Away 3DC0C82A1164B58A8C124FCA9BED17C7EE8247BB4B
    California Dreamin DC4E54AD3B0E0A7C6E0B5D4FB8A321DAD892CE5D4B
    American Woman 875240EE5A1684627FCB4E5357F89C9D2414E1334B
    (Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay 531BC46AAD0EC9BA87AC70AA844C54A8AFB67F104B
    The First Cut is the Deepest E1BBB55453556B0FF1BAE607BE9862FED0E150804B
    You're the One That I Want A0F51CFB3F54F27520B72FD97D18DD591DAF302B4B
    Stand By Your Man 9898E346F4FB493DB6BFA2FB1F3E01475CA93E874B
    Someday 48045E2AF465ECAE19BC2794E5A626A2CC308B174B
    Stop! In the Name of Love 126E45E2B7858BE455BB5891F1787E019809FAEF4B
    Can't Help Falling in Love 69A4BE2FB0154DB02231CB9A7A9B7EBD0D8B31A74B
    Build Me Up Buttercup E4D027CB7B22468D07F4CB75226BCA96B7F7AA364B
    Rock and Roll All Nite 6E6D66944EFE8106C490BB26CF23042166D693B24B
    One Week 373D83F0A57A4F0C59A3A2A0D9F30465E66FCDC34B
    Respect A8ABC31BEA5F5B1A5F6772499F9C979EFEBC9F954B
    You're My Best Friend 23BF3FC03AAD28A39322B358B8B225767F9FB34A4B
    You and Me BAFA412C88735BCC31F8FAD7DDC022E8C205376A4B
    What Becomes of the Broken Hearted AEE3954D0E056129E514CE2D453A7BEA9F1DA5D14B
    Who Can It Be Now? 68F695E814CC0692F942251547CF9D4760E8A8624B
    This Old Heart of Mine (Is Weak for You) C43982F1A60E03BFB0E38D13DC51EEAA17BD661E4B
    We Are Family 438EEC88A8635213BAA22BF42E72CBBA9BA2C0114B
    Rich Girl 94B48906F4617F4C12D63EB38E11ACEED6C95ABC4B
    Photograph C64CCC6D90AF1E687EA4E0A49F00673AB0FA758A4B
    When The Sun Goes Down 2463924243169CC280930BDB418E4E3383E011614B
    Time After Time 9E868B5B77EFCC139552A7AF9BA54C6E1A361B4D4B
    Just The Way You Are 7016C6FBDA1A6827B345C8D96CFD482F5646C5C24B
    I Heard It Through the Grapevine 6EFF1C5A3D1C0C544F839B82F344D0A4EEED05784B
    If I Ain't Got You AED32775449C416D194B3B85DF039297387D71974B
    I'll Make Love To You BDDAFE59D5083AAF89DD7742AF859C6BB70ABC524B
    If You Could Only See C9770BE3636BD25BA1DB5607EAC0B944A835865A4B
    Flashdance... What A Feeling B17A89F6547560FFE81682EDD37D442E53DC11854B
    Every Breath You Take 749F1A15D767D2C550156380E2754A8826C4E4884B
    Beat It 2D42706E9D53C7282B021A1D41376AF7506A7FA54B
    Dust In the Wind C0B43E8A8DFFCC946864151BD32EA0EFD2061E974B
    Crazy Little Thing Called Love 29867B170177E7C98E1764B23E8D36266AD7DF984B
    Don't Know Why 6B69E9F1AA32727170A2F3B6E4298FEDDD8B9D2B4B
    Fly 0949A7AD2716F8032BD5E03F02945B0AFBD0F7C64B
    Good Ol' Boys E138750D384C4CD3A5905C02BE20824BF83686614B
    Wind Beneath My Wings DFB3947CCF5B521144EEE3888E0C461E7F4333FB4B
    Girls Just Want to Have Fun 288FAC42CC0F3607D3EBEF329F0C0843FC137DCD4B
    Kiss CCE4C81F112FC80E658F003E76C08A1FF8D732F84B
    You Really Got Me 890CF78624AF23FE7A877D88249E282DCBBA7C8F4B
    Careless Whisper 5DFBCD1660A9DCDF1A2F90F4CB2FA05C323A87F94B
    Chain of Fools 82430B510FAE24B128B298F095AA5C92AA80A39F4B
    Crawling in the Dark DF407E4A0E4C8EAB04569FB2F286699502047EAC4B
    Ain't Too Proud To Beg A260EADB9EED31F1B7F82133E1F64C33080CC0064B
    All My Ex's Live In Texas CB399ECAF59A0490BE4673A6341598A616DA4FB84B
    Alone 45F3EE4825E36A57B908A83023E755E84DDED9E84B
    Always Something There To Remind Me BA7CB9076CA8D38AE0B1F252BEE2BA047C1483DA4B
    Baby One More Time 12309EC5D4F725D0B055337E3E23929D62F2A5854B
    I Want You Back A1BA857F7BE52597DD9C4CADB0A1814143B579074B
    I'm Coming Out 226886C06587DE463D13AE1D696948B1C77FFEE24B
    Bizarre Love Triangle 2E25C7CA3C48B7D72EF88709E062A718194F8CA64B
    Crazy 6A64FA6A1A57C089151AAEED2B65C0337E31C7E44B
    Chattahoochee FD3F592B760A3A9AE89F22D62AD7028944B4ACB64B
    China Grove F5CC3F79723D5CF1C7718372472D058B933BE5B34B
    Celebration 34E60AF5213EF54C0A6DF0A90074256F41741C794B
    Broken Wings 594840A8A14AEBD0B86830ECBA0F4C4017813BF94B
    (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman 535DE59CFDC63222A55F7461F6E59F975DE93A344B
    ABC 11625527756D0D5BAD03D91F62A9BA65015DB1044B
    Against All Odds DC269AF38BC81F61DCF811D85227385FA7EE3C044B
    Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing E70704769B1D4CDB9F19D5E47C8AD1F7446CDC724B
    Save Tonight DC6A1DD528918709AF981740D0D09558C52241444B
    Son of a Preacher Man C67D6B289A7E17129625D5AADDED38C43A58E9E04B
    When a Man Loves a Woman B8D6AFD60DD54BC9BBFC549EB0D7DBCD8AA9D6D04B
    Everything You Want77EFB4AECE1F1A63EA51997FA2B09F5956D923A44B
    Hey Jealousy 45315E85A1A65362D626CB4136FC0FBA3EE5EA534B
    Just My Imagination 451B2901C0FCEA2FF06BB3FE8FC2B84DEA952FF24B
    Ladies Night DD109F3B1A3486BA5909BC826D6F909AE81CE8104B
    Please Mr. Postman 617BB6F28BB9872F7B50689A89C2382153C090454B
    She Talks to Angels C04AF8A2282A6AB2480D21F715F659BD8ED8CAEE4B
    The Tracks of My Tears 11852B83125FC94A2E65E0F6AB3511415E57CFFB4B
    Greatest Love of All EF31158820ED732C1A6E70B657B870BFDC210B374B
    Headstrong 82DF3A06884B960DDF4BC333772DBA9DEC1110994B
    Heartbreak Hotel0465B28E09BEC8357FD6C1CBEC56013924874C4A4B
    Here I Go Again52E9EF46D104F181726AB6DC28F53E65588B071B4B
    Hold On5BEB4BF4D07E98D46CD1EC5233CCC88C369EF06D4B
    Straight Up 343C739D4D27994AEE2EC197EB9F6983F925B9884B
    I Walk The Line 91B2B7E97DD1B45DFCB1D366DBC46513D5B181714B
    Thank You D9471E1517009B36F08AB8FAFBD13638161799F44B
    Easy F21E1F166C30D897E4712F8AB8E75172B6F119C54B
    How Do I Live B156658554D07E2A6A2AEAB9B85825F7BADEDDD14B
    Let's Stay Together A3C2A44D11A3E63DE53775F154614B849CB4359E4B
    Wide Open Spaces 5597C22A30A211EC55B4A668BA0B1A89AA9BF48E4B
    More Than Words E0ABE28E782D77BB70205928ED91604E7B835B434B
    I Left My Heart in San Francisco 650F235D0D74D314EF89EF15244C6236A0CDD3C44B
    I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch) 2C9B6DCF472DB08880CF923700CF7C1F2BE1B26A4B
    Cry E3EB77244352B847111E0B0964D40D34534E28874B
    Do I Make You Proud 72EDEC20980611A107F4AFEA1CA1DB095D70E8044B
    Joy To The World F458B043F8728F3781CC93284C029DA06D4ED6B34B
    Jessie's Girl C487C8E78BDBFF60FB5A212F1E7CC0C70EDC9FA64B
    I Will Survive 998DA890517D4C0F3CE1836F57BE5B66A425DF5D4B
    Born to be Wild 23AF172C474CBB6F4D49A14BB0B3DCF890D4310F4B
    Fame 28B4B57C31B537C1617A034748FC861808A8DAF24B
    Do You Really Want to Hurt Me622509E99EFD55BF3B6E1D4C0982A9B3A0C9F85C4B
    Here Without You 5E325807E5F4AB7489DEF4EB1948618B45C29E9A4B
    Every Little Thing She Does is Magic F6525197F220CDD9B5838DCAECF27D2361C4679B4B
    When I'm Gone 701D42FB489DAE720B99061B6C62AD41DAA9E92D4B
    Truth Is FD999FE4FDA46E6F586E0C61478343C93BEF3CE14B
    Complicated 632268D55D356A78835EE2ADC0C0314E9ACCFAD24B
    Heaven FACE8547864032B7C707614A5B2FF63FA92FBDB74B
    Everybody Wants to Rule the World 6850A49607A4574795D59E35B2CBB59D1A619EAD4B
    Miss You 81AFDA7F5D07EF3C27DA4B54C640C5CF888B5C6B4B
    Meant to Live BAB7BE8C327F3E60FEE04016FFAFD4A358E77F714B
    Love Will Keep Us Together 3353D65DBD826DB5257E1780D6578622FA0B5B3B4B
    Material Girl 43C64C70CC329CBCC82B822CC45AD05D87AA08A54B
    Love Shack D5D9F0BBF83B929E4D61187E7101190D0DD40B5D4B

    Karaoke Revolution American Idol 2 All DLC needed

    I Don't Want To Miss A Thing B23697340383012103B91424ACC90282B6FA34EB4B
    Sister Christian 50E860137E9BBAD24A44D29D443E27262C4D1BA24B
    Over The Rainbow B16303B3B6E7BCEBEEFCAB858F459DD3868B9D444B
    Unwritten E4080F94C71F7D1EC31C2392813AFFD881424BC54B
    You Can't Hurry Love 379D4CAF48879A93C25438D482A2711861CB9AD84B
    Stickwitu 5D1197349A1048C62A044DB0DB4561A995B2BFE24B
    Time Of The Season C3C6329616BE175252169855BD916782D000FFC84B
    More Than A Feeling 4B678F042CB49ED9F8E3D738D7559A7D778DDBFC4B
    September E6A3814F37EE8F76F7EB3BFA76517BC28552604E4B
    Sweet Caroline EEE6C02AA50D5822FA13B19CB915F44E2FE773A94B
    Tainted Love 985A4E5086417DC05322B5632C01E68C20FE35F54B
    Lips Of An Angel F0139894CBAEEC0A93166E1C1A9C54D6BE1BB0644B
    Killing Me Softly With His Song 5A6FC92A40D2A4E1A25447D2705BBDAE5AAF3E334B
    Irreplaceable 9D2DC47092500C57EF6D05865513E61CBF8431544B
    All My Life 2802F8EFC162792A0A251B1DF3F12E7275CB53844B
    Black Hole Sun C9766896754E77746DCBC93DA2580743AED624734B
    Breakaway 954D2DF0FD861D0694BE7CC33883FBD0E6AC578E4B
    Friends in Low Places 31DAAF8A65853EE458E726DA43070626ABA3D6CE4B
    Brick House C87C17919A4F12383C04A6A0EF7B6CEF72DF0E3F4B
    For You I Will CDDC18D28B60ABF9E7C5F9F1B8E02E12D29961954B
    Put Your Records On 3F535684940937CED2615790CB1E727B818639E04B
    Black Velvet 84500D5AE4E52DE3E9460B0E069245F370F83E404B
    These Words (I Love You, I Love You) B0B456A351445C65E66B12F689AE2DAA22BFCE024B
    Smooth Criminal F26D9B86702EC0B0529BF7F70534B26D3935C5DE4B
    What I Like About You 6D1388DA46F3828B3E43DA027BF4B96CDC9ACF294B
    Twist & Shout E4A68B47F189FEC393C17B32CEED0524910B8CD24B
    Toxic 959910EFAB2FD97BD814F34C5B0CFE3B6D8CB38A4B
    Unchained Melody 3EF39AAB8C012234A21B8DEA81399C63ECEB3FEE4B
    Saving All My Love For You 140E9375BD713661D3EF2CF48A06A86B3C01AA5F4B
    How To Save A Life 03D5CB9125B9EA856D6EFBB48435E401BA27F1B34B
    In The Air Tonight B525C2357F0E3BBC4CA117C42C5259C6B7B4A5884B
    If You Don't Know Me By Now 852AFBCC3763D63E5BAD886FDD99537A8C11D1534B
    Unfaithful 7EF778E2EBA5DA9DA806C1B40866D083C00944874B
    (I Just) Died In Your Arms 0EDB9991CCB9F39C9E94808204F7B7110B29B8FE4B
    Too Little Too Late 958706E69E73DD1AA57EAE34A51219204319D6154B
    Are You Happy Now 570746A228DDB856EA6D3201DDA3B9F4E5F4D96B4B
    Hemorrhage (In My Hands) FD3AB5A23BB4E3B531BAE9FF5EA6A479823399694B
    Heartbreaker 61BB5441DF9540D959F0B5B559D7026C532F57374B
    What Is Love? 19CA497A4F09663A1DD9E2673A8DB06F0287F4214B
    Midnight Train To Georgia 142C27372155FB24B7C6A946F30BCB10DEE7BEDE4B
    Holiday 100014EE4041696BE749012FF03B1F321A3B0A474B
    Stand By Me 71B444494D0B39C3110BCB5FDD1B458CEB951F134B
    Rio 889ED5CB11CD38AFCFAED8D8976D26F4DAFF95D94B
    Waiting For A Girl Like You 428789368C99820193D7D50C889E034BB444807E4B
    Unforgettable C3F21C94D98B8BB9C71B181A9E5EB5051E2336F64B
    Call Me 6A1379A3FAD94251F7D0BD32C9BBB9523DA3C0FC4B
    Heart Of Glass 1F66AC39371E43CCB278A50D04D0C5A9189B9F654B
    My Immortal A8727273FA6AB426F71F1388F1273975C4CC5D3B4B
    The Joker And The Thief 9C55AF69515D4300DF6FCB155CB2AD94D7290B034B
    I Love Rock and Roll 7161DF9BF5BEA354CF1E8DB2806EFE77FDBF6A8D4B
    It's Not Unusual A754C03A2624F24AE0FA7DB5521ED70FAF7510244B
    Knockin' On Heaven's Door BE9BCB2B9F22B8F155250E60D47CAA90520AD2E54B
    Waiting For Tonight 6D2C103CC36F5CF2F7906D4AF553F1368212B6984B

    Karaoke Revolution Glee: Volume 3 All DLC Needed

    No Air BA50322DF5296D6887AECDB4684504245F2D68E34B
    Lean On Me 29F4F2568791FC940C6BC6D66D912524C59096534B
    And I Am Telling You I Am Not Going D73AC2B9E1F114A53BAC259113A56EE8E6F507DE4B
    Jessie's Girl EA1E6FFBBBBAF4A7C93E0E7C6A931EC944CFA9234B
    Can't Fight This Feeling796FF8FACC16A78099D4829457150CD7003F4F464B
    Gives You Hell 38DA6983986AB3F0B1990B318305126F46A1A0084B
    Smile (Charlie Chaplin) B7A0835ADF1D63567CAB2BFDDE570065C206F7574B
    Smile (Lily Allen) 6E779226556D9F1B20D3379F0122D420F23919374B
    Bad Romance DADF493081616C02E5373F28095E10864854257E4B
    Like A Virgin 18728AAEAE9AB3B3D2CDE26B3C71E53BA1ED42874B
    Proud Mary 7D87E3FCC9BDE3E26DC4766B969D523793B578384B
    Hate On Me 4420387C68B066A0BA1FE326000F607A89F02BCE4B
    To Sir, With Love 3580B0D23C2015FA17AE706E9114F588B297B5BF4B
    House Is Not A Home A82A472C59D01488FC1692B252E693CB009FD0504B
    Papa Can You Hear Me B4C788C56A3A1EBB1E1962B29D4D01F8BCBC3A604B
    Take Me Or Leave Me 5DC4C21A0B81DB5B04B55B01828ABB6983B8EEB24B
    True Colors D0533464A6C96484ED7307F4637D023DC63815044B
    Taking Chances 42229AFA7C956E08CE817A35D70D0F933C4D99474B

    NASCAR The Game: Inside Line - Inside Line PackAD70EE8B3991C4A443DEB5A65C3CA1EB667D97CD41

    BandFuse: Rock Legends - Backing Beats Pack 1: Marcus Henderson 8E26DD2731CB8801BAB7386D6EFD4691345DFA574D
    BandFuse: Rock Legends - Backing Beats Pack 2: Marcus Henderson 5268A9303EC0BF30F5C784988C7D780D5C7000B44D
    BandFuse: Rock Legends - Back 40: Marcus Henderson 92EB1F603455A5C83774D1C00A4DEC346F6072844D
    BandFuse: Rock Legends - Funky Canon: Marcus Henderson 6185F6FE5FEC0A25CC634322E79D9137EFC56E6F4D
    BandFuse: Rock Legends - Summer of '89: Marcus Henderson AFCA5A9E375ECA3A03266C9B733B0B8E8D72AB8F4D
    BandFuse: Rock Legends - Jazzy Chill Groove: Marcus Henderson E4A6703A96E09E5A2054E77037F6A96544D2364C4D
    BandFuse: Rock Legends - Foxy Lady - Jimi Hendrix

    Chromehounds - Colour Pattern
    Chromehounds - Light Arms

    Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3 - Download Song 01 564C45794595C476ABF4451E0A95D681BAF46BEF4B
    Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3 - Download Song 02 EF83A9632CF834BBCA05AA69D6B64A363C6D7EB44B
    Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3 - Download Song 03 9DAC81E5EC5675B34494830DF649ACAA19B7101E4B
    Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3 - Download Song 04 313EB9E2A480D54066BD7737EDC3DDDBD9E1717E4B
    Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3 - Download Song 05 5676C82B89CE67296D5C59722CD2CC92B541FD674B
    Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3 - Download Song 06 10A35BBE657C406C5024A2EC1437FAEDC55D2BAC4B
    Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3 - Download Song 07 45099CDA1F4437DC2F0E3969C22E41D39537E7454B
    Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3 - Download Song 08 CCFF30608FBBD9130824932A9963C1049B23A2824B
    Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3 - Download Song 09 8E8949121D0E7FDCFA821C1BE706B78A6F5FC31F4B
    Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3 - Download Song 104E0E644187DA253AB31301809AD86A46AD1374064B
    Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3 - Universe 1 Mega Pack D7AA44C4C4539BA88C3B25D6797C3BF4C75AB57F4B
    Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3 - Universe 2 Mega Pack ACE08DF44CB0622C4C8B36A0DBF58A20598FAF3F4B

    Jeopardy! - New Clues Pack29C743AFB6CCFFCEA049B0E3E4C4504FE5BADEFD54

    NASCAR 14 DLC Needed

    Daytona Pack 1D47F96B4B5D78FDACF9DADAC979E8B7BCE800354B
    Chase Pack 47F4B448FEC67EC29FC7A2FDDFEB57E05E324AF54B
    March Highlights 0949A2B7F3BE4E8B58518CEEA25ED48B39BFA6B14B
    Chevrolet March Pack 1 5A8DF240C6D5C6B5B55EC2EE8B7BE641BAA4E26A4B
    Chevrolet March Pack 2 AF6C1A9837D593AB84FB69A009D7B11B7A1028BB4B
    Chevrolet March Pack 3 53B8531DB83D983AA0B25D8C8C42CFA8B92BBFB84B
    Toyota March Pack 12077AAF2370CFACE16C86D3719148215C33BE6824B
    Ford March Pack 1 63E709B01446EE41318B0ABE7AF11E860751E2634B
    Ford March Pack 2 0347D2ED100FE545CD880AF9703ACA1A719BE20A4B
    April Pack 761753F8354D7B4DE04000E17028A335C33A6F6F4B
    April Highlights 0A654B389BBB92E3A51EB87D5DFA7E4C8664C4454B
    May Pack 1 53889835CD3B70EF00CB10D345D2E15C67ADBFF44B
    May Pack 2 C997AC1974D6E118DC9ED127E8003CE774F37E614B
    May Highlights C2DB04B86700621B2AD06C32ACD32FDE83BBDCA34B
    June Pack EE8B98997D18D503E3656ABF42B0E166D07A158D4B
    July Pack 126812826136C5444A1069CE3038A7760311647A4B

    Yoostar on MTV - Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factor big (S3, Ep 5) Big Cat’s C7 Snappy
    Yoostar on MTV - The State (S1 Ep 1) I’m an on-air Personality

    These dlc from def jam i miss

    DEF JAM RAPSTAR Shuko – Fire
    DEF JAM RAPSTAR Koudjo – Pression
    DEF JAM RAPSTAR Common – The Ligh
    tDEF JAM RAPSTAR T.I. - Whatever You Like
    DEF JAM RAPSTAR Digital Underground – The Humpty Dance
    DEF JAM RAPSTAR F.L.Y. - Swag Surfin
    DEF JAM RAPSTAR Far East Movement – Like A G6
    DEF JAM RAPSTAR Mos Def – Ms Fat Booty
    DEF JAM RAPSTAR Talib Kweli – Get By
    DEF JAM RAPSTAR Track Dilla – Bad Mood
    DEF JAM RAPSTAR Deichkind – Limit

    Forza Horizon - 2013 Ford Mustang Boss 302: Pizza Hut Edition dlc
    Last edited by silverdust; 2 Weeks Ago at 10:57 PM.

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    Default Re: any one have one of the dlc below how want share it whit thnx in advance

    Maybe get your request threads in the requests forum...along with all the other requests you have in the dlc forum...
    Rocksmith DLC Collection -
    Rocksmith 2014 DLC Collection -
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    Default Re: any one have one of the dlc below how want share it whit thnx in advance

    Most of them are really hard to find, but I like them, It's like huge collection of missing DLC never released by the Xbox 360 scene

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    Default Re: any one have one of the dlc below how want share it whit thnx in advance

    hi, i have the dlc's for Rabbids Invasion: The Interactive TV Show, but i dont have the game with media ID 26B1B273.
    would you pls upload it (or the default.xex only)?

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    Default Re: any one have one of the dlc below how want share it whit thnx in advance

    I got all DLC and the game and title update the rest i stil need

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