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Thread: rollroy PC & Mac App Thread

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    Default AKVIS LightShop v7.0.1708.18013 Multilingual

    AKVIS LightShop v7.0.1708.18013 Multilingual

    AKVIS LightShop v7.0.1708.18013 Multilingual | 135 Mb

    AKVIS LightShop offers advanced lighting techniques for adding stars and glow effects to images. People by their nature are attracted by things that shine, sparkle, glow and glitter. Light effects can brighten up any photo: make it look more natural (by adding reflections on shiny objects) or on the contrary - add a bit of magic and fantasy. Just a few clicks and the eyes of your loved one sparkle like diamonds; some simple manipulations and a moonlit road appears in night scenery.

    AKVIS LightShop helps you create amazing light effects: flares on the sun, lights from distant planets and stars, alien signs blazing in the night sky, a colorful rainbow over a city, reflections in raindrops, fireworks - wherever your imagination may take you!

    It is easy to find many uses for light effects. You can apply reflections and glows to glamour photography - to make jewelry and precious stones sparkle on the images of celebrities; or use effects in advertisement catalogues to draw attention to exclusive articles. Christmas postcards can not do without magic lights and glows. Dull landscape shots can be saved by the sun rays or reflections on water.

    AKVIS LightShop lets you create an infinite number of light and star effects!
    Unleash your imagination! Try the program right now. For your convenience the program includes 149 ready-to-use light effects divided in 12 groups. First you can train on available light effects and then make your unique ones. A bit of practice and you can create the most extraordinary effects.

    AKVIS LightShop provides complete control over the light effects, allows you adjust the effect area, its fading, color, brightness, and opacity. The program is equipped with a variety of elements for creation of light effects. You can move or change any element of the effect, adjust the way the effect blends with the image.

    In addition to the light effects the program offers the exclusive Sparkle Brush tool that lets you add glowing light spots of different shapes, colors, and sizes to an image. Draw with this brush over the picture to create impressive scattering stars, shining hearts and flowers, glares and lens flares, bokeh and magic pixie dust effects, fireworks and snowflakes, sparkle trails, festive frames and inscriptions... The only limit is your fantasy!

    In Version 7.0:

    New Auxiliary Features

    The Show/Hide Effect button / shows/hides the light effect to compare the original image and the edited one.

    The Clear button in the Elements panel removes all the elements in the list. This is especially useful when creating a light effect from scratch.

    New Image Dialog

    The New Image dialog has been reworked and now offers new preset categories (Photo, Web, Film & Video).

    Operating System:
    Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 - 32-bit, 64-bit

    Home Page -

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    Default SolidCAMCAD 2019 SP1 Standalone

    SolidCAMCAD 2019 SP1 Standalone

    SolidCAMCAD 2019 SP1 Standalone | 10.1 Gb
    Languages: ??, ?e?tina, Dansk, Nederlands, English, Fran�ais, Deutsch, ?????, Magyar, Italiano,
    ???, ???, Polski, Portugu�s, ???????, Espa�ol, T�rk�e.

    SolidCAM Inc. has released an update to SolidCAD/CAM 2019 SP1 Suite. This version includes its own CAD-system and does not need SolidWorks or other CAD-system to be pre-installed.

    About SolidCAM Inc. SolidCAM Inc. is a world leader in advanced tool path generation technology (CAM) running directly inside SolidWorks. SolidCAM features a full line of CNC machine programming software solutions ranging from 2 axis lathes and 3 axis mills to extremely complex multi-axis MillTurn machines and Wire Edm. All products run directly inside SolidWorks and provide the user with a true "SolidWorks look and feel" for ease of use and maximum efficiency. Along with the integrated interface and scalability for new machines, SolidCAM also has its patented "iMachining" that powers users to new levels of productivity and profits, through unmatched cycle time reduction and unrivaled tool life.

    Product: SolidCAD/CAM Suite
    Version: 2019 SP1 build 98596
    Supported Architectures: x64
    Website Home Page :

    Language: multilanguage
    System Requirements: PC
    Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer
    Size: 10.1 Gb

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    Default SlickEdit Pro 2018 v23.0.1.2 (x64)

    SlickEdit Pro 2018 v23.0.1.2 (x64)

    SlickEdit Pro 2018 v23.0.1.2 (x64) | 195.5 Mb

    Designed by developers for developers, SlickEdit's award-winning source code and text editor is respected for its rich set of coding tools and powerful time-saving programming features. A true cross-platform, multi-language editor, SlickEdit gives programmers the ability to code in over 40 languages on 9 platforms.

    Multiple Document Group Interface
    The MDI layout has been completely rewritten to support multiple groups of document tabs. Document tabs (and groups of tabs) can be floated as separate top-level windows, allowing better use of multiple monitors Files can be dragged and dropped to move between tab groups or to create new groups. The new document tabs offer much better performance than the previous File Tabs tool window, better supporting users who prefer to keep many files open.

    Surround With
    Use to surround existing lines of code with a new structure such as: if, for, while, and try. The existing code is automatically placed inside braces and indented. Additional structures can also be defined for Surround With.

    Automatically formats line selections when pasted. The pasted code is formatted to match the indentation of the new location and the brace style adjusted to match your settings.

    Dynamic Surround
    Surround existing lines of code with block statements or tags. Dynamic Surround allows you to expand a block after syntax expansion, using the arrow keys to move the end of the block up or down. Surround With allows you to select lines and then choose a block structure or tag.

    The built-in beautifier allows very fine-grained control over source formatting options for C++, Objective-C, Java, j?vascript, PHP, XML, or HTML. You can pick from one of several pre-existing profiles and save your modifications to create your own profiles. Source can be beautified on demand using any of the profiles and can be configured to beautify as you type using your preferred beautifier settings.

    Beautify While Typing
    When the "Beautify while typing" feature is enabled for C++, Object-C, Java, j?vascript, XML, or HTML, your code will be automatically beautified when you type ';', '{' or '}'. This improves the consistency of your code and produces more readable code with better spacing.
    SlickEdit is the first product to beautify C++ as you type. Even with the complexity and ambiguous syntax of C++, re-spacing options for all operators including * are supported.

    Syntax Expansion
    Expands common block structures (if, for, try, ...) when the initial keyword is typed. For example, when "if" is typed followed by a space, SlickEdit inserts the parentheses for the condition and the braces. You can define additional structures to be expanded.

    Completions reduce keystrokes by automatically completing symbols as you type. After typing the first few characters of a symbol, a brief pause will pop up a list of possible completions. This list is comprised of matching symbols in the tag database and matching lines of code in the current buffer. If a line match is selected you can add successively more text from that line using the complete-more command (Ctrl+Shift+Space).

    Operating System: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and Vista. Windows Server 2008 and later (64-bit only)

    Home Page -

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    Default Pitney Bowes MapInfo Pro 17.0.2 with Datamine Discover 2017 version 19.1.21264

    Pitney Bowes MapInfo Pro 17.0.2 with Datamine Discover 2017 version 19.1.21264

    Pitney Bowes MapInfo Pro 17.0.2 with Datamine Discover 2017 version 19.1.21264 | 3.5 Gb

    Pitney Bowes Software Inc. has released an update to MapInfo Pro 17. This software helps business analysts and GIS professionals gain new insights into their markets, by sharing information-rich maps and graphs to improve strategic decision-making.

    About Pitney Bowes MapInfo. See your business data in a bold new way with MapInfo Professional, a powerful mapping and geographic analysis application providing geospatial solutions. MapInfo Pro helps you present your business findings in a new, more visual way. It clearly demonstrates the relationship between geography and data, thanks to its detailed maps and graphics.

    The sophisticated functions provided by MapInfo Pro allow clients, colleagues and business partners to:

    - Better absorb information
    - Gain new insights into hidden trends
    - Have a better basis for strategic decision-making.

    About Pitney Bowes Software Inc. Pitney Bowes is a global technology company offering innovative products and solutions that enable commerce in the areas of customer information management, location intelligence, customer engagement, shipping and mailing, and global ecommerce. More than 1.5 million clients in approximately 100 countries around the world rely on products, solutions and services from Pitney Bowes.

    Product: Pitney Bowes MapInfo
    Version: Pro 17.0.2 with Datamine Discover 2017 version 19.1.21264
    Supported Architectures: x64
    Website Home Page :

    Language: Multilanguage
    System Requirements: PC
    Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even / 8.x / 10 / Windows 2008 / Windows 2012
    Size: 3.5 Gb

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    Default Chaos Group V-Ray 3.60.03 for Rhino

    Chaos Group V-Ray 3.60.03 for Rhino

    Chaos Group V-Ray 3.60.03 for Rhino | 774.0 mb

    Chaos Group is pleased to announce the availability of V-Ray 3.60.03 for Rhino, is a rendering plug-in that enables Rhino users in all fields from engineering and architecture to design and animation to take advantage of the Chaos Group's V-Ray rendering solution.

    3.60.03 Official release - Date July 03, 2018:

    Optimizations & Workflow Improvements
    - The V-Ray Batch rendering tool can now load and render '.vrscene' files. Vrscene sequences can also be loaded and managed as a single item in the Batch Render jobs list
    - Improved V-Ray support for native Rhino materials. The new material options available in Rhino 6 like 'Fresnel reflectivity', 'Reflection polish', 'Trans. clarity' as well as the preset material types (Glass, Metal, Paint, etc.) are now rendered correctly without the need for converting the Rhino material to a V-Ray shader
    - The utility function 'Convert Rhino Material' has been improved. Rendering a Rhino material and then converting it to a V-Ray shader will no longer change its appearance
    - The V-Ray for Rhino plugin information has been updated. A V-Ray logo icon has been used for the V-Ray plug-in entry in Rhino 6
    - The new animation API available in Rhino 6.4 has been utilized for V-Ray animation setups. The animation recording prompt window will no longer appear in Rhino 6. Camera and Sun animations will be automatically available for rendering once the Rhino set up has been finalized
    - The Material Conflict prompt window now displays info about the conflicting material and its origin file. The default conflict action and prompt toggle options are now saved per project and persist between sessions.V-Ray Fur viewport preview strand length is now based on the length parameter to give a better representation of what the rendered geometry will look like
    - Implemented Fur widget application dialog box
    - Changing a V-Ray Proxy input file now automatically changes the number of sub-material slots of its Multi Material shader
    - 3dm files created with the 'Export Selected' Rhino function include only the associated V-Ray materials
    V-Ray for Grasshopper
    - Implemented V-Ray Proxy component. Load any .vrmesh file and use it in the Grasshopper definition. Connecting an array of Plane Transformations to the Proxy component will produce multiple instances of the same geometry. It is now possible to use V-Ray for Grasshopper as a Proxy scattering tool
    - Connecting a list of colors to a V-Ray Preset and Simple materials will output a material with multiple instances and the input colors distributed in between them
    - Grasshopper Mesh/Vertex Color data will be passed as a UV mesh channel if specified. Vertex color information can now be sampled and used for shading purposes
    - The V-Ray Render in Project component automatically sends light sources created in Grasshopper and connected to a Light Rig to the Rhino scene
    - Implemented viewport preview for the V-Ray Camera
    - Implemented viewport preview for the V-Ray Rectangle and Sphere lights
    - Scene changes made by the V-Ray Instancer component will result in immediate update during Interactive Rendering
    - Display 'number of objects' message for V-Ray multi-item components
    Improvements & Bug Fixes
    - V-Ray AppSDK updated to version 1.24.02
    - Chaos License Server (previously known as V-Ray License Server) updated to version 5.1.1
    - A number of issues with the Two Point Perspective Rhino camera type have been resolved
    - The 'Enter/Return' key can now be used to confirm/apply parameter changes made in the Rhino light properties panel
    - Batch Render now works properly with different Rhino language packs
    - Fixed Rhino 5 crashes caused by empty sub-material slots
    - Fixed an issue with vacating Proxy sub-material slots during Interactive rendering
    - Linked blocks and their associated assets are now included when using Pack Project
    - Override Material settings now works correctly during Interactive Render
    - Loading a new Rhino project and then closing it no longer shows the Save Changes prompt window
    - Fixed a number of issues with incorrect projection mode used in Batch Render for jobs including named views and animation
    - Selecting or deselecting a light source no longer triggers an update during Interactive Rendering
    - Improved rendered Rhino viewport performance while manipulating materials in the V-Ray Asset Editor

    About V-Ray 3.60 for Rhino. V-Ray 3.60 for Rhino is a rendering plug-in that enables Rhino users in all fields from engineering and architecture to design and animation to take advantage of the Chaos Group's V-Ray rendering solution.

    With V-Ray 3.6, Rhino users can create photorealistic imagery quickly and easily. We've incorporated powerful V-Ray tech, such as GPU and hybrid rendering, adaptive lights and improved denoising. And, with full VRscans support, you can enhance your projects with our library of over 600 lifelike materials. Here's what's new in V-Ray 3.6 for Rhino:

    Faster, more powerful GPU rendering adds support for on-demand mip-mapping, aerial perspective, displacement, subsurface scattering, matte/shadows, and more.
    V-Ray GPU running on NVIDIA CUDA can now take full advantage of all available hardware, including both GPUs and CPUs.
    In scenes with many lights, the new Adaptive Lights mode can help you speed up render times by up to 700%.
    The entire V-Ray for Rhino interface has been updated and streamlined for a more intuitive, user-friendly workflow.
    Chaos Group's seamless cloud rendering service debuts in V-Ray 3.6 for Rhino.

    About Chaos Group. Chaos Group is a worldwide leader in computer graphics technology, helping artists and designers create photoreal imagery and animation for design, television, and feature films. Chaos Group specializes in physically-based rendering and simulation software used daily by top design studios, architectural firms, advertising agencies, and visual effects companies around the globe. Today, the company's research and development in cloud rendering, material scanning, and virtual reality is shaping the future of creative storytelling and digital design. Founded in 1997, Chaos Group is privately owned with offices in Sofia, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Seoul, and Tokyo.

    Product: Chaos Group V-Ray
    Version: Adv. 3.60.03
    Supported Architectures: x64
    Website Home Page :

    Language: english
    System Requirements: PC
    Supported Operating Systems: Windows 8 or higher
    Software Prerequisites: Rhino 5.14 or later & Rhino 6.6.18117 or later
    Size: 774.0 mb

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    Default Intuit TurboTax Premier / Deluxe / Home & Business 2018 Build 2018.r20.043

    Intuit TurboTax Premier / Deluxe / Home & Business 2018 Build 2018.r20.043

    Intuit TurboTax Premier / Deluxe / Home & Business 2018 Build 2018.r20.043 | 724 MB
    Includes additional state forms

    Get a head start on your 2018 taxes. File your tax return electronically to receive your fastest tax refund possible. Connect with an expert in a click and get answers when you need them with SmartLook�. Every personal TurboTax return is backed by our Audit Support Guarantee for free one-on-one audit guidance from a trained tax professional. And much more!

    We search over 350 tax deductions
    We find every tax deduction and credit you qualify for to get you the biggest tax refund, guaranteed.

    Every detail reviewed
    Get a comprehensive review of your tax return before you file so you can be confident nothing gets missed.

    100% accurate calculations
    Our calculations are 100% accurate so your taxes will be done right, guaranteed, or we'll pay you any IRS penalties.

    Get your fastest tax refund
    File your tax return electronically to receive your fastest tax refund possible.

    One-on-one help, on demand
    Get customized answers to your questions and guidance as specialists draw on your screen.*

    Coverage in case of an audit
    Every personal TurboTax return is backed by our Audit Support Guarantee for free one-on-one audit guidance from a trained tax professional.

    Automatically import your W-2 info
    Safely and securely import your W-2, 1099-INT and 1099-DIV from over a million companies.

    IRS confirmation
    Get email confirmation once the IRS receives your efiled tax return.

    Track your tax refund
    We'll tell you when to expect your tax refund and alert you when it lands in your bank account.

    Get your Affordable Care Guide
    We'll help you understand how the new Health Care laws will affect you and your taxes.

    Understand your tax refund
    We explain changes in your tax refund, and give you tips on how to earn your biggest refund possible.

    Great for TurboTax beginner
    We help you to get your taxes done right, even if you have no previous tax knowledge.

    TurboTax on the go
    Sync your TurboTax online and mobile accounts to access and edit your information anytime from anywhere.

    Up-to-date with tax laws
    We study IRS and state tax laws so our software is up-to-date, and you can be confident your taxes are done right.

    Big life changes? We can help
    Got married? Bought a home? Had a baby? TurboTax helps you to find any new tax deductions and credits you're eligible for.

    Note: Alaska, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming don't have a state income tax for individuals.

    The list of states is being updated, check back later for more states..

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    Default Siemens Star CCM+ 2019.1 (14.02.010 single precision)

    Siemens Star CCM+ 2019.1 (14.02.010 single precision)

    Siemens Star CCM+ 2019.1 (14.02.010 single precision) | 2.42 GB

    Simcenter STAR-CCM+ is a complete multiphysics solution for the simulation of products and designs operating under real-world conditions. Uniquely, Simcenter STAR-CCM+ brings automated design exploration and optimization to the simulation toolkit of every engineer, allowing you to efficiently explore the entire design space instead of focusing on single point design scenarios.

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    Default PerkinElmer ChemOffice Suite 2018 v18.0.1

    PerkinElmer ChemOffice Suite 2018 v18.0.1

    PerkinElmer ChemOffice Suite 2018 v18.0.1 | 563 Mb

    The latest release of PerkinElmer's scientific productivity suite serves researchers, students and faculty better than ever before! ChemDraw� and ChemOffice� 18 deliver all the functionality of version 17, plus new feature additions to accelerate research even faster and enable new and growing areas of scientific research. Plus, we are adding to our bundle options to give you the broader set of scientific tools you need to do your research, from 3D modelling to spectroscopic analysis, to access to a brand new, web based Electronic Lab Notebook and scientific documentation and collaboration platform.

    ChemOffice Professional is the most robust, scientifically-intelligent research productivity suite in the world. It builds on the foundations of ChemDraw Professional, and adds access to a broad set of powerful scientific tools* to enable scientific research. Document, search and share your research using Signals Notebook Individual Edition, a modern, web-based scientific collaboration platform. Load and process 1D NMR and LC/GC/MS data directly on your desktop with MNova ChemDraw Edition. Get access to, and edit, your ChemDraw files from any device with ChemDraw Cloud. Enhanced structural prediction with your favorite third party applications and Chem3D Ultra. Enhanced chemical database management with ChemFinder Ultra. A full suite of scientific productivity tool helping chemists and biologists alike efficiently keep track of their work, visualize and gain a deeper understanding of their results.

    What's New:

    ChemDraw/Reaxys Integration:
    PerkinElmer and Elsevier have established a partnership to provide you with new and unique ways to improve your Research productivity. It is now possible to draw a molecule or a reaction in ChemDraw,and initiate a structure search into Reaxys. You can also choose to use ChemDraw JS as a drawing editor when you use the online Reaxys website.

    ChemACX Explorer:
    Thanks to the new add-in architecture in ChemDraw, you can now explore chemical properties or supplier information for a given molecule by looking up and retrieving information directly from, PerkinElmer's database of over 10M commercially available compounds, and quickly paste structures back into the canvas. This feature is also available through Signals Notebook Individual Edition.

    Enhanced Hotkeys:
    Building off of the powerful hotkeys already enabled within the application, we have enhanced this capability so now you can truly create molecules and reactions as fast as you can type.

    Facilitated chemical structure pasting:
    ChemDraw now supports a simplifed, more direct pasting of CDXML and other text formats like SMILES, Mol, InChi, and HELM as a structure using the Edit>Paste (Ctrl+V) menu option, with plain text in the clipboard. You can also copy/paste to and from ChemDraw JS, ChemDraw and MS Office embedded ChemDraw documents without loss of chemical information (requires browser-specific clipboard extension, Windows only).

    HELM Editor:
    Following the HELM standard, developed by the Pistoia Alliance for the rapid transfer of biomolecules, we have added a custom editor for creating, editing and sharing complex biomolecules. Importing biomolecules using the HELM notation format, editing the biomolecules, creating and using your own custom monomers and exporting out via the HELM format is now easy. The HELM editor is available in ChemOffice Professional and ChemDraw Professional only.

    ChemACX Structure from CAS Registry Number:A new function has been added to look up a CAS RN through, PerkinElmer's database of commercially available compounds and return the corresponding chemical structure.

    Structure-to-Name and Name-to-Structure improvements:
    ChemDraw now supports a new atom numbering scheme, where the numbers are derived from their explicit or implicit values in the IUPAC name, as well as the naming of Enhanced Stereochemistry centers. Names including 'AND' and 'OR' enhanced stereo centers and absolute stereo centers (in any combination) are now supported.

    System Requirements:
    - Windows 7 (32 bit)
    - Windows 7 (64 bit)
    - Windows 8.1 (64 bit)
    - Windows 10 (64 bit) (including Creators Update)

    Homepage -

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    Default NewTek LightWave 3D 2019.0.3 Build 3117 (x64)

    NewTek LightWave 3D 2019.0.3 Build 3117 (x64)

    NewTek LightWave 3D 2019.0.3 Build 3117 (x64) | 475 Mb

    NewTek LightWave 3D� makes it possible for anyone to become a 3D artist and animator. The software is affordable, complete, easy to learn and use and well established as one of the leading 3D systems on the market for producing beautiful photo-real renders as well as incredible anime. This complete out-of-the-box 3D animation solution now offers real-time collaborative 3D interactivity through a bridge to Unreal Engine.

    LightWave 2019 New Features:

    Real-time Collaborative LightWave� to Unreal Engine
    LightWave 3D� enters the Real-Time Age for interchange with this workflow link between the Unreal Engine and LightWave 3D�, focusing on LightWave driving Unreal changes iteratively. Multiple LightWave seats are able to connect to the same Unreal Editor simultaneously to enable real-time collaboration between artists. The bridge uses NewTek's proven NDI� network discovery mechanism for easy automatic configuration, and can be limited to single project use in Unreal, or installed as a general plugin for use in all Unreal projects.

    FBX and New Interchange Bridge
    Work with industry standard FBX data on a whole new level via the new Interchange Bridge.
    Interactively choose what to import / export and how.
    Add to existing FBX files from Layout and Modeler.
    Build LightWave 3D� assets from many FBX files.
    Easily revisit FBX files via workspaces.

    Shading Model Customization Tools
    The ability to pull materials apart and build them to your tastes is new to LightWave 3D� 2019. There is access to Fresnel Functions, Material Components and Material Integrators. The Material Tools Group has been updated with new nodes to support this capability.

    OpenVDB Content Creation
    LightWave 3D� 2018 introduced the ability to import and render an OpenVDB fog volume. New for LightWave 3D� 2019 is a set of node tools that allow OpenVDB content creation. You can now create OpenVDB grids from meshes, particles, and even the shape primitive distance estimator. The tool kit allows for live Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) operations, grid filtering including level set tracking, smoothing, dilation and erosion. Solvers are included that allow for fluid simulation and smoke and fire effects.

    Metamorphic is a multipurpose animatable mesh sculpting and vertex map manipulation plug-in for LightWave 3D� 2019 that works in Layout, and takes full advantage of the new capabilities of the modifier stack.
    Freeform animated sculpting
    Built-in undo/redo system
    Fully-multithreaded sculpting using all available CPU cores
    Pen pressure support for brush size, strength and hardness (Windows only)
    Nodal brush texture support
    Three modes of animation
    Non-linear interpolation of sculpt animation keyframes
    Supports converting sculpt animation keyframes to Endomorphs
    Predictive corrective morph sculpting that works after deformers with built-in driver/driven controller
    Full Motion Blur support

    Display Scaling
    Support for scaling many UI elements for HiDPI and large-screen displays
    Independent scaling options for multi-monitor setups

    Bone System Improved for Game Development
    The new Bone Type option, Limited Bones, allows the animator to set a limit in Layout on the number of bones that affect a given point to match the limit in the target game engine, and engages real-time optimizations to more closely match the performance game engines expect from a rig.

    Edge Shader Node
    A node for simulating beveled or rounded edges at render time, to give more realistic results without increasing geometry.

    System Requirements:
    Intel� Core� 2 or AMD Athlon� II Processor (or better)
    64-bit System RAM: 4GB minimum
    Available USB Port (for users with existing hardware dongles)

    Operating System
    64-bit: Windows 7 through Windows 10 64-bit Edition

    Home Page -

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    Default InPixio Photo Clip Professional 9.0.0 Multilingual

    InPixio Photo Clip Professional 9.0.0 Multilingual

    InPixio Photo Clip Professional 9.0.0 Multilingual | 361 MB

    Everyone has a photo with that stranger in the background, a car driving by, or house behind us under construction. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to take those unwanted images completely out of your picture, erase your entire background, or even change your background to make it look like you are somewhere else? Well now you can do it all quickly and easily with Photo Clip background eraser.

    New features:
    - NEW! User guide
    - NEW! Duplication opacity and flow
    - NEW! Dehaze tool
    - NEW! Share images via email
    - NEW! Crop images and rotate by 90�
    - NEW! Dynamic user interface for Windows 10
    - NEW! Selective retouching module
    - NEW! Sharpness module
    - NEW! Film grain module
    - NEW! Creative blur module
    - NEW! Online print service
    - NEW! Help community button
    - NEW! Visual identity

    Remove background objects from images!
    Completely remove unwanted objects from your picture. Signs, wires, people, or any image that distracts you from what you are trying to capture. Remove background from images on photos that have a single coloured background can be easily extracted with one click thanks to the automatic colour detection function.

    Erase things that spoil your images
    No need to worry about waiting for that perfect picture in a tourist hotspot during your vacation. Just quickly take your picture, and then take out all the other unwanted distractions when you get home using Photo Clip. Take the hassle out of trying to carefully cut out images that take time and concentration. Other image processing programs require you to be exact and it can be quite noticeable that you have altered your picture in some way. The technical features of Photo Clip automatically identify the sections of an image that need to be filled in and make your new photo look natural and seamless.

    Retouch your photos and apply effects
    With the pro version of InPixio Photo Clip one can modify images with +100 effects & filters. This version includes a complete editing tool to allow you to edit, enhance, & touch-up photos.

    System Requirements:
    - Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
    - 1 GHz Intel� Pentium� processor or equivalent
    - 1 GB RAM CD/DVD ROM drive
    - 100 MB hard disk space, mouse and keyboard

    Home Page -

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