Hello, i have searched to find many answers but the results are not conclusive or specific.

I have a fat model xbox 360 with lt3.0+ the last game that i played was gta v , the question is if i play a game that is ap25 without patch it , could i break something ? (i dont go online on this)

i have some older backups xgd2 and earlier games i dont play awhile, do i have to burn the games again for them to work?
if i had a samurai sword i could cut that leg with an perfect swipe .
this is dificult to understand, explain simple if you can, i find only 6 games that are ap25, but on another site is 365 games, even older ones that i have previous burned myself, can someone explain how this is possible (maybe title updates the dash to look for this games) what i can do ?? do i have to burn all (i'm only interest in 10 or so) games again ??? :/

Thanks in advance.