Assassins Creed Origins:
The game rocks, especially if your a fan the series. The gameplay is smooth, the fighting is 100x better than the last 2 games. The level up system is awesome. The Eagle eye is better than ever because its a real damn Eagle! I had tons of fun with the game, I still have some side missions to do but the main quest was not only great story but beautiful aswell. I will return and play this again when i get my one x. For me I give it a 8.5/10 only low because it has no multiplayer.
Star Wars Battlefront 2:
The game is beautiful and runs very smooth, on 40 player mood I have yet to have any issues. The new classes are great and the weapons, the new way to become a hero in game is perfect, that old random crap sucked. The biggest complaint I have read is the buying system, seems everyone thinks EA was after your wallet, not true, everything is unlockable via earned points from the game. Some things are earned in SP while others in MP, sure if ya want to cheat they always give you that option to buy it. Play the damn game, get good and unlock your stuff for free. At any rate EA has apologized to these cry babies and on PC they gave away Battlefront 2 the first one for free. On xbox and ps4 they are to be getting a fix to make it easier or something...cough pu**ies cough. If its that hard go play King Kong or quit playing online. I havent played the campaign but just the MP gets a solid 9.5/10
COD World at War 2:
You know for me, this is a great step up for them graphical. but not really, while it looks 30x better than the last 3, the ones before them looked great and not cheesy. Moving on the graphics are great especially on SP, MP works flawlessly but it should because its the same thing they have been doing for a decade now. All i can say is thank God no more jet-packs in MP! Or running on the wall BS. At any rate it is the best COD in years but the Zombies is not that great in this one. It gets a 6/10 because nothing is really new except it looks better again...finally
Skyrim for the Switch
This game is awesome on the Switch, in handheld mode it drops quality but not by much at all, it just gets a little darker and they wont let you adjust the brightness, not really bad just wish it was a tad brighter at times. In docked mode it looks as good as xbox and ps4. Either way it runs smooth with no issues other than the brainless AI that gets hit by other things in the game or stuck still as normal with any Scrolls game lol. Great add to my Switch collection and great for undocked on the go fun. 9.5/10 because I cant give a 10
Super Mario Odyssey for the Switch
If you liked Mario 64 and Galaxy then it liked the two were merged to make the perfect game, also we do get some 2d Mario in this game! I have found nothing to complain about, its huge and fun. Some say its too hard, its not as hard as super mario bros, crybabies. With the ability to throw your hat and become almost everything in the game and with all the usual secrets in a Mario game this could not be any better. 9.5/10 and no I haven't beat it yet, its huge.
moving back the Xbox with
I had very high hopes for this game. Unfortunately i found myself bored an hour in and only getting more bored so I haven't played it much. The graphics are ok, its just boring. I know they trying to tell a story but damn was I bored....i cant rate this yet
Star Wars KOTOR xbox backwards compatible upgrade:
Its 11 bucks on the store or free if you still have the disc and I do. So why review and old game? Because it runs better on the One than ever before, no lag like on 360, no freezing on big moments like on xbox. Not only is the Frame rate fixed but they did a small graphical update, dont expect Mass Effect, i said small, more rich and vibrant. Its still 4:3 and that's my only complaint, i wish they could have spent more money and made it full screen on our new widescreens. The rating for this game remains the same over the years, a solid 10/10 the only Gift from gaming Heaven to ever grace us.

Thats all i can think of. These are my reviews, you can like one or hate i don't care, its mine not yours. Dont go buy a game because I say its awesome and don't not buy a game because I say it sucks ass. Its my opinion and everyone has one.