Unreal Championship for the original xbox and its dlc.

play on a modded original xbox.
just unrar and ftp to your xbox hdd or use qwix 101 to make a xbox iso and then burn to disc.
this will play on any region xbox as long as its modded.

play on a jtag/rgh xbox 360
just unrar and ftp to your 360 hdd,you will need the hacked xbox1 emu files installed.

info about DLC
Unreal Championship D.L.C Update

For NTSC Verison and PAL Version.
The update is not packed in iso file.
So go on the xbox via ftp on it.
A new map for Capture the Flag OtarosRun.
And three maps for deathmatch AquaMortis, Inferno and Leviathan.
Simply save the maps on it to make ready.
I've tried it myself and it works without problems.

CTF-OtarosRun - new capture the flag map. 294 blocks
DM-AquaMortis - new deathmatch map. 328 blocks
DM-Inferno - new deathmatch map. 397 blocks
DM-Leviathan - new deathmatch map. 269 blocks