I have real debrid, so far covenant has been my favorite replacement for exodus. Issue though, i launched my favorites and went to family guy season 16 episode 2, it started loading sources, in the box I noticed it had 2 sections here, premium links and free links, i have real drib so i was like ok, well it loaded 424 links then went and did the free links next which added 200 more, the problem is when it finishes it says no streams. No streams yet it found over 600 links, but no streams, this is a add-on error. I launched good ole trusty Exodus up and searched it, found over 700 links and played in 30 seconds or less. So fare warning the new covenant update has some errors. Much like Elysium's never yet fixed error, when you search a flik and select a link, if you stop or back out, that link will not show back up on the list until you do a kodi reboot. Yes I still have Exodus, it gets updates here and there as it is freeware now, the creators of Genesis made Exodus, then the main creator quit and gave up the source and add-on to the public, the Exodus team then made Genesis Reborn (Great add-on, a must have if you don't) Now they teamed up with someone and made another, can't remember but its a new famous one, so many Kodi changes and repo changes it gets hard to remember everything going on in the scene.