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Thread: Assassins Creed Origins

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    I agree but it had so much story to cram in and tried hard to explain how it all worked which took it at 2hrs and still left so many people confused because they didnt understand and havent played the games. My wife for one was like "I dont get it" so I explained it "I dont get it" so i explained it again, finally she got it when my son helped explain it lmao.

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    well i tried to understand it but i'm not sure i did or not since i hadn't played the games before. but than it's been a few months since i last saw the film so i really honestly don't remember what i thought of it or if i understood it. i did try to though but it at times was pretty damn confusing. having said that i did end up buying Origins i just haven't gotten around to starting it yet. i went to Toys R' Us a few weeks ago and they had it for Xbox for $30 bucks and i picked it up. shit that's $30 bucks cheaper than it normally is, hell yeah i'm gonna pick it up for that! i also bought for my PS3 which they shocked me by even having new PS3 games. it had been a long time since i bought a new PS3 game i mean brand spanking new. and it was a great feeling, i wonder if that will happen again?

    anyways i bought the PSP games they had remastered for PSP. i haven't played those that much yet, i also bought the last god of war game, Accension sorry for my crap spelling i just forget how to spell it that's all. last wed. i bought 4 games "Gears of war 4. a series i've never played before. and that came with 4 other gears games. now i normally don't download games as i prefer to buy them but fuck it i said and i downloaded parts 1 and 2. but on the 1st game i went to training which i'm so glad i did since i like i said have never played it before, and the reason i say that is i can't figure the fuck out on how to crouch! i tried looking at the game but on it since it's a 360 game it gives 360 controls. anyone have any idea ? i haven't changed the setting on the controls so it's how it came thanks.

    also i bought the latest well not so new anymore South Park game i haven't installed that yet. and for PS4 i bought Devil May Cry 1-3 HD collection which i've only played part 1 only very little and the graphics... well the 1st game and this series i've never played before either well none of them in fact, well the 1st game is a PS2 game that came out in (2001) that's not such a big deal but upon playing it i was shocked that they didn't remaster it as it still looks like it was done in (2001) and the last one i bought was God of war 3 remastered for ps4. that looks fantastic i gotta say

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