Anyone here watch this show or even heard of it?
I am mid ways through the 2nd season now, the 1st 2 episodes I was like...meh
Then after 3 I was hooked only to learn that BBC lost funding and Netflix had to help them finish it
The good news is: Netflix now owns it completely and is looking to increase the production and budget costs to make this show even better
The bad news is: New budget and production has slowed the next season until late 2018

My rant here is why everytime BBC gets a good show rocking that they back away? Much like Merlin, watch it today and its meh, but years ago when Merlin 1st came on that show was the bomb, Yet costs and funding delayed its seasons one after the other leaving everyone to wonder if it were ever going to air again. It finally did and is finished but it staled out for almost 2yrs between one season. Anyways if you have watched TLK let me know your thoughts, i really enjoy it. If you have not yet seen the show, i do recommend it.
Here is the IMDB link for info: