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Thread: All missyou123's Applications !! (updated daily)

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    Default O&O SafeErase Professional 14.6 Build 583

    O&O SafeErase Professional 14.6 Build 583 (x86/x64) | 51 Mb
    Your personal photos and confidential documents can easily fall into the wrong hands when you sell, give away or dispose of your old PC or hard drives. Identity theft is now a widespread security threat. This is because clicking on "Delete" does not mean your files are permanently deleted. Even formatting the hard disk is not enough to permanently delete data. O&O SafeErase permanently deletes your confidential files using recognized methods so that a recovery is never possible, not even when using the best file recovery software.

    There is a good chance your personal photos or business data will easily fall into the wrong hands whenever you want to sell, give away or dispose of your old computer. This is because clicking on "Delete" doesn't automatically mean your data is irrevocably destroyed. Even formatting the hard disk is not enough to completely destroy your data. O&O SafeErase allows you to permanently delete your data using recognized methods so that a recovery is never possible, not even when using specialized software.

    New and enhanced functions
    In addition to many minor enhancements, O&O SafeErase includes an analytical tool that scans your computer for temporary and unsafely deleted files. With just a few clicks, you can clean your computer so that unauthorized parties never have a chance to spy out old files for possible misuse. SSDs can also be detected, and deletions made on them will be done sparing resources. Advanced and improved management of reports make using O&O SafeErase even more convenient.

    Internet security
    When surfing the Internet, your browser usually stores Internet files unnoticed on your hard drive. These files can provide information about websites you've visited or the passwords you've entered. It makes no difference whether it involves cookies, data entered on forms, or browsing history - O&O SafeErase lists all the information saved for each browser you use, and you can then delete them individually or together. Once deleted, nobody will be able to detect your Internet traces and your online accounts are protected from data thieves or hackers. Version 14 supports Microsoft Edge, the successor to Internet Explorer, as well as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox.

    Safe erase your entire computer
    Deleting the entire computer allows you to permanently delete all confidential files before you dispose of, sell, or give your computer away. All files, settings, applications and the operating system itself are deleted so that a file recovery is impossible. You can be sure that nobody will ever restore your confidential information and misuse it, protecting yourself against identity theft. With O&O SafeErase you can even delete your entire computer without a start medium (e.g. a Boot CD).

    Six deletion methods for maximum security
    O&O SafeErase allows you to choose from among six different deletion methods. The methods of deletion differ in the number of runs and the type of overwriting process. These methods ensure maximum security, whatever your requirements. In addition to standardized deletion methods of the U. S. Department of Defense (DoD) and the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) you can also select a complex mathematical method (the Gutmann method), which complies with the highest security levels. In this scientifically approved method of data deletion, corresponding areas of the hard disk are overwritten 35 times using precisely defined rules along with fixed and random values. In this way, O&O SafeErase exceeds even the requirements of the DoD and the BSI. Quick deletion can also be made by just overwriting data with zeros.

    As of version 12.3, O&O SafeErase includes the feature SolidErase, which was developed especially for the deletion of SSDs. SolidErase uses resources sparingly and thoroughly so that the data is not recoverable and the SSD is exposed to the least possible strain.

    Product features
    "Instant Erase": Selecting files over the context menu prompts a mini-dialog from where deletion can immediately take place
    Permanent deletion of files, folders, Memory cards and USB sticks
    Delete an entire computer, no boot medium necessary
    Delete internet traces and temporary program files
    Six methods to permanently delete confidential data
    Detailed reports as proof of deletion
    Analysis tool to search for unsafe deleted files
    Adapted deletion method for SSDs (Solid State Disks) with SolidErase (link to paragraph with further infos)
    Enhanced report and activity management
    .Net Framework 4.7.1

    Operating System: Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10

    Home Page -
    Download link:
    rapidgator_net: nitroflare_com: uploadgig_com:
    Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction

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    Default RDS-Knight Ultimate Protection Multilingual

    RDS-Knight Ultimate Protection Multilingual | 4.78 Mb
    When it comes to exposing Remote Desktop Protocol to direct connections, you need a solid secure server to protect your systems against remote attackers. Due to the innovative techniques available for modern cyber-criminals and a use-after-free vulnerability in the Microsoft solution, hackers from all across the globe can easily access login credentials anywhere at all, carry out ransomware attacks and run arbitrary code on the targeted systems.

    Meanwhile, our team of qualified experts has worked hard to secure your remote desktop access. Born from the clear understanding of the problem, RDS-Knight offers advanced functionality and makes the use of remote access in your daily routine as safe as possible. Now, with RDS-Knight you can easily manage the entire fleet of workstations even if you are a thousand miles away.

    Keep your Server Secure
    If you want to log into your personal computer from another location, RDS-Knight is your sword and shield for protecting your server environment against unauthenticated attackers. Our product is designed to secure remote desktop, monitor login failures, block prohibited or suspicious IPs and prevent unauthorized actions. Checking your computer's remote access options, RDS-Knight provides you with excellent control over the connected users with granted access.

    Access your Workstation Safely
    Using the RDP Defender service, you can create a whitelist with dedicated IPs you need to achieve the server, and set the essential number of incorrect password attempts. Typically, setting the maximum failed login attempts from a single IP is an effective countermeasure for avoiding brute-force attacks.

    If you want to secure server login and allow connections only from specific countries, be assured that our product will protect your system against any foreign attackers. On top of that, our cyber crime fighter offers endpoint protection and device control for regular checking of the device names approved for any incoming session.

    Remember, HACKERS AND MALICIOUS BOTS NEVER SLEEP. With RDS-Knight, you can hook into your workstation anytime, anywhere without the fear of external attacks. Contact us today, add this outstanding tool to your arsenal, and use remote access to its full potential.

    RDS-Knight Ultimate Protection provides all protections you need:
    Homeland Protection: prevents foreign attackers to open a session.
    Prevents Brute-Force Attacks: blacklists the offending IP addresses.
    Working Hours Restriction: prohibits users to connect at night (per Users or per Groups).
    One Click to Secure Desktop: provides highly secured user's environment (per Users or per Groups).
    End-Point Device Protection: restricts access per device (per Users).

    Hardware Requirements
    RDS-Knight can only work on 64-bits editions of OSs servers.

    Operating System
    RDS-Knight is compatible with the following OSs:
    Windows 7
    Windows 8.1
    Windows 10
    Windows Server 2008 / 2008 R2
    Windows Server 2012 / 2012 R2
    Windows Server 2016

    Home Page-
    Language: Multilingual

    Download link:
    rapidgator_net: nitroflare_com: uploadgig_com:
    Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction

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    Default SpeedTree Unity Subscription 8.4.2

    SpeedTree Unity Subscription 8.4.2 | 284.1 mb
    IDV, Inc has released 8.4.2 version of SpeedTree Unity. Available as a subscription modeler for Unity, the integration of SpeedTree for Games offers a diverse range of features: a highly versatile modeling app,scalable wind effects, seamless LOD and more.

    New Features

    Updated/Improved import scripts
    The scripts for the following DCC application and renderer combinations have been updated and/or added in this release:
    - Blender: Cycles
    - Max: Standard, V-Ray, Redshift
    - Houdini: Principled, Mantra, V-Ray, Renderman, Redshift
    - Maya: Standard, Arnold, V-Ray, Renderman, Redshift
    Expanded Mesh LODs
    - It is now possible to have more than three mesh LODs by chaining mesh assets together. Models with more than three LOD states will use these extra meshes when computing LOD states.
    Auto-loading mesh LODs
    - When a mesh asset is loaded and other meshes named similarly with a number convention are found in the same location, those meshes will be loaded and assigned as LOD meshes for the asset automatically.
    Games SDK Wind Wizard
    - The Wind Wizard now works in conjunction with the SDK wind algorithm.

    Bug Fixes

    Palm style wind for Unity/UE4
    - Legacy models exported with this wind style no longer push the palm fronds straight up. In addition, the Modeler no longer displays leaf motion for this wind preset.
    Welding through targets
    - The weld region on branches welded to meshes via "Target" generators were not getting the correct material assignment on export. This bug has been corrected.
    Missing leaves with Houdini/Alembic
    - Alembic models imported into Houdini for use with the Principled renderer now show leaves as expected.
    Branches converted to hand-drawn not saving correctly
    - Procedural branches converted to hand-drawn branches and then saved would often not load correctly. This bug has been fixed which means that all subsequent saves will work and not look different when the file is loaded; however, the original data is lost so the branches may need to be edited back into position.
    CPU wind computation on Linux
    - A bug has been fixed that could result in errant wind computation in Linux releases.
    Seasons slider enabled for Unity builds
    - Recent releases have had this feature disabled, it is available to Unity users as of this release.
    Frond count in legacy generators
    - This property (part of the legacy "Spine" generator) works as expected as of this release.
    Knot normal errors
    - A value of zero for the "Knot" generator property "Inner:Size %" could result in vertex normal and rendering errors at the center of the knot. This bug has been corrected and zero is a valid value.
    Growth vs. collections
    - Models that utilize collections are currently not able to have animated growth. Users are now notified of this fact if the two features are both in use on the same model (growth becomes disabled).
    "Mesh" generators changing orientation when clicked
    - A bug has been fixed that cause "Mesh" objects to change their orientation each time they are clicked when the transform gizmo is active. Only objects with procedural rotations were affected.

    SpeedTree is a hybrid 3D modeler and runtime engine that helps developers integrate great-looking trees in real-time applications quickly. The focus is not so much on best-possible quality, but in keeping a balance between quality and real-time suitability.

    Tree handling is divided into two different subtasks. First, you generate realistic tree models using an editing tool. Second, you apply proprietary algorithms to render the trees efficiently. This approach is interesting, and attacks the core of the problem: As tree geometry is inherently complex, and sometimes the tree will be seen far away, it's very hard to handle the problem with a modeling-only solution. Understanding the modeling and rendering parts fully is essential to get good trees up and running quickly.

    The resulting trees are a perfect balance between speed and quality. Seen up close, the trees are remarkably believable: you can look up at the treetop when your character is standing directly below the tree, and the illusion of volume and parallax between the leaves is properly maintained.

    Additionally, as SpeedTree uses billboards to represent distant trees, creating large vistas with forests is a breeze. Some individual trees do look a bit algorithmic and fractal at certain moments, but when placed in a grove or forest, the results are strikingly realistic: you get animated trees with real-time shadows that you can see far away and up close.

    Plus, you get the tree editor so you can create new species, via parameters that control things like branching, the amount of leaves, and so on. This helps you create new species so you can build your own, unique trees.

    Speedtree Unity is one of the most popular and widely used vegetation editing tools. Few of its best features include the smooth LOD transitions, foliage rendering, instanced painting, hand drawing, trees growing, tuning of the effects of wind, import mesh props and surface modeling.

    SpeedTree Receives Technical Achievement Academy Award

    About IDV, Inc. Interactive Data Visualization, Inc. (IDV) develops software products with a focus on both off-line and real-time 3D applications for the game development, visual simulation, engineering visualization, and animation industries. A privately held corporation, IDV was founded in 2000 in Columbia, South Carolina by Chris King and Michael Sechrest, both Computer Engineering program graduates of the University of South Carolina. After initially providing simulation and visualization software services for DOD programs, IDV gradually expanded by providing similar services to private sector clients and major defense contractors.

    Product: SpeedTree Unity
    Version: 8.4.2
    Supported Architectures: x64
    Website Home Page :
    Language: english
    System Requirements: PC
    Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer
    Compatibility: compatible with Unity 2018.3 or later.
    Size: 284.1 mb

    Download link:
    rapidgator_net: nitroflare_com: uploadgig_com:
    Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction

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    Default Windows 10 Insider Preview (20H1) Build 19018.1

    Windows 10 Insider Preview (20H1) Build 19018.1 | 6.0 Gb
    Microsoft has releasing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19018 (20H1) to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring which is a Cumulative Update with no major changes. We are trying out our servicing pipeline on 20H1 builds.

    Other updates for Insiders

    Quick searches now in Search Home
    To help you find the info that matters even faster, we've added four quick web searches to your Search Home:

    - Weather: Get current conditions and the upcoming forecast
    - Top news: Read the latest headlines from popular news sites
    - Today in history: Explore four events that happened on this day
    - New movies: Find out what's playing in theaters near you

    To preview these web answers and results, select the search box to open Search Home, then choose one of the quick search buttons. Need quick answers about other topics or searches? Just enter a query into the search box for quick results about almost everything.

    Note: This is a server-side change that's currently rolling out and will appear for users across builds from version 1809 to 20H1. Currently, quick searches are only available in the US, but will be available soon internationally.

    Updated design for web preview in search results
    We have made a few small tweaks to how it looks-here's what you'll see now:

    - For Insiders that did not take the Cumulative Update to Build 19013, just a note that this build (like that update), also includes the fix for the issue resulting in black screens and disconnects over remote desktop in the last couple of flights.
    - We've fixed an issue where the Settings app was hanging or crashing when accessing the System or Ease of Access sections.
    - We fixed an issue where if a new account profile picture synced down from the cloud, your old one might not be listed in the picture history in Accounts Settings.
    - We fixed an issue where Windows Update history might show an update having failed with error 0x80240017 even though the update had actually succeeded.
    - We fixed an issue that could result in Search sometimes not rendering in the enter space available within the Search window.
    - We fixed an issue that could result in exe using an unexpectedly high amount of CPU when your device was unplugged in recent builds.
    - We fixed an issue that could result in Cortana not responding to Hey Cortana.
    - We fixed an issue that could result in Cortana not being visible in the taskbar right after upgrading, or being visible but not working, until you restarted your PC.
    - We fixed an issue resulting in not being able to keep the Shift key pressed in order to type capital letters in certain languages recently when typing with the onehanded touch keyboard.
    - As some Insiders know, a few releases ago we announced a new keyboard shortcut (WIN + Ctrl + Shift + B) in order to help troubleshoot black screens. With today's build, in this vein, we're announcing a new keyboard shortcut (WIN + Ctrl + Shift + L) to help investigate issues with the login screen. Simply press the keyboard shortcut while your PC is locked, reproduce your issue, and then press the keyboard short again-a reference number will be displayed that you can share when reporting your issue. Please note, currently this is only supported for local sessions that have connected to the network and power, and for whom Diagnostic Data is set to Full.
    - Narrator no longer announces changes in fonts when they have not changed.
    - We updated Narrator's autocorrect sound to be more consistent with the editing experience.
    - We improved Narrator's navigation and reading experience within Chrome.
    - We've improved the Outlook experience with Magnifier when Magnifier is set to track the text cursor in the center of the screen. Arrowing up and down in a list of emails will no longer force the viewport to the left of the list of messages.
    Known issues
    - BattlEye and Microsoft have found incompatibility issues due to changes in the operating system between some Insider Preview builds and certain versions of BattlEye anti-cheat software. To safeguard Insiders who might have these versions installed on their PC, we have applied a compatibility hold on these devices from being offered affected builds of Windows Insider Preview. See this article for details.
    - We've heard that Settings still isn't available outside of launching via the URI (ms-settings for some Insiders and are investigating.
    - Some Insiders are reporting that after successfully installing printer drivers from the Optional Updates section, the same driver is still showing as available for install. We're looking into the issue.
    - If this build attempts to download an install before you have completed the first login of a prior install (such as Build 19013), you will experience a 2-hour window before you can install this new build.
    - [ADDED] Based on feedback, we've decided to remove the downloads folder from disk cleanup.

    The Bing Insider Program gives you a voice and a DIRECT channel to the Bing teams. It's an opportunity to give us feedback on features, concepts, and ideas still in development. We have created a myriad of fun ways to collect your feedback and, what's best, is that you'll be able to see your feedback make a difference. You'll directly help us make Bing great for you, your friends and family.

    At Microsoft, we have a number of Insider programs to get customers involved in our product planning. Here are a few that you might be interested in looking into: Office Insider, Windows Insider, Skype Insider, Xbox Insider.

    After registering in the Windows Insider Program and installing your first Windows 10 Insider Preview build1, you will begin to receive updates to the device(s) you have enrolled. During the development process, the build number will change with each update.

    The options for the frequency of Windows 10 Insider Preview builds are called "rings." Each ring presents a different level of stability and will be delivered on a different build cadence.

    The benefit of being in the Fast Ring is that you will be among the first to use and provide feedback on new and improved features.
    The benefit of being in the Slow Ring is that you'll still receive new updates and features on the Development Branch, but the builds will be more stable. Builds are sent to the Slow Ring after feedback has been received from Insiders on the Fast ring and analyzed by our Engineering teams.
    Release Preview Ring - its if you want to be on the current public release of Windows 10 but still get early access to updates, applications, and drivers without taking the risk of moving to the Development Branch, the Release Preview Ring is your best option.

    Microsoft Corporation, leading developer of personal-computer software systems and applications. The company also publishes books and multimedia titles, offers e-mail services, and sells electronic game systems, computer peripherals (input/output devices), and portable media players. It has sales offices throughout the world.

    Product: Microsoft Windows 10
    Version: Insider Preview (20H1) Build 19018.1.vb_release.191101-1402 *
    Supported Architectures: 32bit / 64bit
    Website Home Page :
    Language: english, русский
    System Requirements: PC **
    Size: 6.0 Gb


    Processor: 1.4 gigahertz (GHz) or faster.
    RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB).
    Free space on hard disk: 20 gigabytes (GB).
    Graphics card: DirectX 9 graphics device or a newer version.
    Additional requirements to use certain features.
    To use touch you need a tablet or monitor that supports multitouch.
    To access the Windows store to download and run apps, you need an active Internet connection and a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels.

    Download link:
    rapidgator_net: nitroflare_com: uploadgig_com:
    Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction

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    Default Wondershare Dr.Fone Toolkit for iOS and Android Multilingual

    Wondershare Dr.Fone Toolkit for iOS and Android Multilingual | 125.9 Mb
    dr.fone toolkit - Android Data Recovery. The world's 1st data recovery software for Android smartphones and tablets. Highest recovery rate in the industry. Recover photos, videos, contacts, messaging, call logs, and more. Compatible with 6000+ Android devices.

    Lost data after factory reset
    Lost data due to iOS update
    Device stuck and not responding
    Data missing after jailbreak or ROM flashing
    Device locked or forgotten password
    Unable to synchronize backup

    Supported Devices
    iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4
    All models of iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPad
    iPod touch 5, iPod touch 4

    System requirement:
    Supported OS: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP
    CPU: 1GHz (32 bit or 64 bit)
    RAM: 256 MB or more of RAM (1024MB Recommended)
    Hard Disk Space: 200 MB and above free space
    iOS: iOS 11, iOS 10, iOS 9 and former

    Home Page -
    Download link:
    rapidgator_net: nitroflare_com: uploadgig_com:
    Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction

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    Default Wondershare TunesGo Multilingual

    Wondershare TunesGo Multilingual | 55.5 Mb
    TunesGo frees your music. Move your music from any device to another - iTunes to Android, iPod to iTunes, PC to Mac. Discover, Download, Manage and Enjoy your favorite music with TunesGo. Wondershare TunesGo is fully compatible with iOS 9 and iTunes 12.2.

    Transfer your iTunes media files (Music, Playlists, Movie, Podcasts, TV Shows, iTunes U and more) without limits.

    a. iPhone/iPod/iPad iTunes.
    b. iPhone/iPod/iPad/Android PC/Mac.
    c. Android iTunes.

    TunesGo automatically converts almost any music file to a format supported by your device and iTunes. Compatibility is never an issue.

    TunesGo builds the perfect playlists for you to listen free or download for any mood and occasions. Discover, save and share the music you love.

    TunesGo automatically analyzes and cleans up your music library with one click. Manually tag your music, change cover art, delete duplicates, and remove missing/broken tracks. Your music collection is now perfect.

    TunesGo can copy your iTunes Library to ANY computer. Never worry about losing library data when you upgrade iTunes.

    1. Back-up and restore your iTunes Library including Music, Playlists, Movie, Podcasts, TV Shows, iTunes U...
    2. Back-up your files to an external hard drive, to protect your playlist.

    Operating System: Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10

    Home Page -
    Download link:
    rapidgator_net: nitroflare_com: uploadgig_com:
    Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction

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