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Thread: (xbox) MednafenX-PCE - PCE/TG16 Emulator for XBox v6b15 (newest beta release)

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    Default (xbox) MednafenX-PCE - PCE/TG16 Emulator for XBox v6b15 (newest beta release)

    MednafenX-PCE - PCE/TG16 Emulator for XBox v6b15
    by madmab

    * Updated to madmab edition interface CFv1b21. See "Interface Changelog.txt"

    * Fixed another long standing issue where the perfect cue data was only being loaded when configuring a game. It would stay configured from that point on until selecting another game or reloading the emulator. Be sure to also read the changelog entry for v6b14 regarding perfect cue's.


    MednafenX-PCE - PCE/TG16 Emulator for XBox v6b14

    * Fixed an issue with the fps counter being all wacky and not displaying correctly. (It did not affect emulation speed)

    * Fixed long standing issue where selecting "Use my selected cue file" when changing the perfect CD cue sheet was actually selecting the last entry in the perfect cue list. This was due to some weird bug with the zip code. Be sure to go back into the game and re-select ""Use my selected cue file "Use my selected cue file" to fix the issue.
    to download from my putlocker links,when you copy and paste the link into your browser,change the word putlocker in the link to firedrive.

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    Default Re: (xbox) MednafenX-PCE - PCE/TG16 Emulator for XBox v6b15 (newest beta release)

    Cani install it on XBOX 360?

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