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Thread: (PC ENGINE CD) Twinbee Returns (New Release)

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    Default (PC ENGINE CD) Twinbee Returns (New Release)

    Twinbee Returns first appeared as a caravan mini-game in Konamiís Japan-only dating sim Tokimeki Memorial, which released on the PCE in 1994 and eventually was ported to a number of other platforms including the PlayStation, Super Famicom, and PC. Twinbee Returns is based on the orginal Twinbee arcade game with some slightly enhanced graphics. This is the stand alone version released by PCE Works.

    Itís essentially a dolled up timed demo of the original game that has players soaring over a bland and grassy landscape, blasting popcorn ships and lobbing bombs at ill-tempered mushrooms as you fly from boss fight to boss fight. As you fight off waves of generic enemies youíll collect peaches for points and snag multi-colored bells to upgrade your arsenal with such signature weapons as twin and three-way shots, silhouette ships that triple your firepower, and more.

    Itís fun enough, but the fact that your ship moves at a slow as molasses pace can make playing without a speed enhancing power-up pretty maddening. The game also features some digitized voice samples, but theyíre quite scratchy. Itís also a bit disappointing how little animation went into each of the gameís sprites. Still, at least the music is just charming as youíd expect from Konamiís whimsical shooter series. Believe me when I say youíll be hard-pressed to get that stage theme out of your head even hours after powering off your console. This is a bin file.. Enjoy!
    image type-bin/cue
    to download from my putlocker links,when you copy and paste the link into your browser,change the word putlocker in the link to firedrive.

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    Default Re: (PC ENGINE CD) Twinbee Returns (New Release)


    The link has expired. Does someone still own an ISO of this game ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: (PC ENGINE CD) Twinbee Returns (New Release)

    Twinbee Returns (from Tokimeki Memorial)!C44FwCpJ!t3VlK5ZvZ...Kfhf-kiCEKB69M

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