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Thread: (PC Engine CD) Force Gear (New Release)

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    Default (PC Engine CD) Force Gear (New Release)

    Force Gear is a mini caravan style shooter game that was hidden in the original PC-Engine version of Tokimeki Memorial released in 1994. This is the stand alone release.

    The game's story takes place long after the Bacterions are extinct. Also, there are new fighters, different from the previous fighters, in that they all can transform into robots. The main fighter in this game is codenamed "Alpha Gray." Other that that, the true name of this robot/plane remains a mystery

    Force Gear is a short time attack side-scrolling shooter that blends Hudson's Star Soldier with Konami's Gradius series. Many of the enemies are the same, including large versions of the Big Core and tiny versions of the spinning orb boss from Gradius II. The power-ups are the same orange orbs, giant-sized, and even the font is the same. However, the action is a bit different from standard Gradius games.

    You play as a transforming mech which can fire multi-directional shots when fully upgraded. After firing for a few seconds, you'll also unleash a powerful laser blast. Like Star Soldier, the backgrounds are filled with destructible tiles, which is important when playing for score. The action is fast paced, and your mech is technically invincible up until the final boss, where you can be killed if you're not careful.

    Although it's short, it's an extremely cool, well designed game. The stage starts with your mech fighting alongside several other ships, before transforming into a jet and jumping into hyperspace. The rest of your squadron is taken out, and you're left fighting the rest of the stage alone. When you reach the level boss, you fight it for a few seconds before a huge tentacle comes out of the side of the screen and skewers it, before jumping into view and commencing attack.

    The same device was used in the first level of Salamander 2, where you begin fighting the Golem (the one-eyed brain thing from the first level of Salamander/Life Force) before it's eaten by a huge snake thing. This is a bin file.. Enjoy!

    image type-bin/cue

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    Default Re: (PC Engine CD) Force Gear (New Release)

    thanks for the zippy links.

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    Default Re: (PC Engine CD) Force Gear (New Release)


    The link has expired. Does someone still own an ISO of this game ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: (PC Engine CD) Force Gear (New Release)

    Force Gear (from Tokimeki Memorial)!3h5Gxa6L!G4kAk9S13...pvz7kf7GOGjZkM

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