Super boss Gaiden released for snes and snes cd.

The arrival of both the SNES-CD prototype hardware and accompanying BIOS files have amazed countless retro gamers within the community, but more importantly inspired homebrew developers too. While very little appears to be known regarding the true power and capabilities of the unreleased hardware, that hasnít stopped a team of Super Nintendo programmers from tapping into it.

The newest and most complete game to now make use of the fabled hardware is the humorous new release Super Boss Gaiden from the same SNES development team that brought us Jet Pilot Rising in 2014. Drawing visual cues from River City Ransom and Mega Man X, all whilst providing gameplay akin to that of Super Smash Bros style platformer, it's safe to say this is one of most impressive homebrew releases to date.

The plot behind Super Boss Gaiden focuses on the (unnamed) Sony CEOís horror after discovering that the SNES-CD prototype has fallen into the hands of public, along with the BIOS too. Knowing this the CEO goes into overdrive with his heart pounding and only one thing on his mind - to destroy everything in sight.

In what could be described as the most bizarre self-referential homebrew release to date, you're tasked with fighting through Sonyís Japanese Headquarters as an angry CEO while the rest of the company attempts to fight back and save face. This fairly short but challenging adventure features some fantastic controls, familiar faces such as Sackboy and Parappa The Rapper, and best of all a demoscene styled chiptune soundtrack too. And for those willing to dedicate a bit of time to the game, there are additional characters to unlock for multiplayer mode which are hidden away in secret rooms.

Released as a free download today, Super Boss Gaiden arrives as both a downloadable Super Nintendo ROM and a SNES-CD Image file. The first of these two can be played on the original hardware (via a flash cartridge) whilst those interested in the long lost prototype console can emulate the CD Image through the SNES emulator No$Cash. The two versions don't appear to show any differences, however, knowing there is yet another SNES-CD homebrew release out there already is nothing short of incredible.

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