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Thread: MultiSwipe, is it safe?

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    Default MultiSwipe, is it safe?

    UPDATE: I tried installing the software in another laptop and it worked perfectly and it's actually a great software only if it worked in my everyday laptop

    I recently came across this website,

    I installed the program and it created a folder in my PROGRAM FILES folder with only ONE file in it (an exe file with the program name, I've scanned both the files, installer and that exe file in program folder on VirusTotal). It asks for my license info which I gave before getting my download from the website but I am unable to use it. The program gives me an error, "EMPTY RESPONSE". I tried installing it in my Windows XP Virtualbox too (my host windows is Windows 10) but to see the same response.

    I contacted the developer and got a reply within few hours, I am quoting a part of the message below.

    Jonathan Ponce <>
    please make sure you allow MultiSwipe yo access the internet in your firewall and antivirus program, the message you received is because your internet connection is not allowing MultiSwipe to get a response from the server.

    Let us know if you still have any issues.
    I have, obviously, not blocked the app and even checked out my Bitdefender settings and it did not stop the app in its firewall.

    Please tell me, does this look safe or even legit? hehe

    Thank you!
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