Free Link Games Download Section Rules

Where To Post?

This is the Free Links Section, only Free links should be posted here.
Anymore Than 5 Game threads then you must create a Mega Thread, Failure to do so may end up with warnings, infraction or even bans. This is to keep the forum clean! Thanks for your understanding and support!!
All Premium Links must go into the Premium link section.

Which links qualify as Free Links?

To qualify as a free link they must meet the following requirements:

  • Any waiting times between downloads should be no more than 2 minutes.
  • There should be no download limit or throttling for free users.

Example of Free file hosts
Those in bold are the best and most popular.

  • MEGA
  • Zippyshare
  • Mediafire
  • Hulkshare

What about multi upload sites?
You may use them so long as they meet the following requirements:

  • Includes at least one or more free links that meet the requirements above.
  • If the free link goes down, you must reupload even if there are other hosts available.

How To Post Links?

  • When Posting Download Links You Need To Use The [CODE] Option to Code Your Links
  • No Link Protectors Are To Be Used Unless They Are Direct (Meaning no CAPTCHA ect.. And No Pay per click links!)
  • No Torrent Files To Be Posted
  • No Passwords For Other Sites To Be Used (If you want to post here)
  • You Must Have Links Ready And Working Before Posting A Game/Thread/Post
  • Remeber only Adfly is allowed now

General Rules?

  • No Asking Uploaders To Use Other Host's
  • No Credit Has To Be Given If You Have Re-uploaded Others Content (This is the Interwebz) (But can be if wanted)
  • If Posting Multiple Games, Make 1 Thread And Post Games Into 1 Thread And Not Loads Of Single Threads.
  • No Posting Referral Links
  • If you make a thread in the XBOX 360/XBOX ONE Game Downloads[/URL] Section or any of its subsections, you must ensure your games/content work (on at least one fw).
  • If you post content that you have not uploaded yourself, you must clearly mention it as being Warez, ensure it works and does not contain a link to a warez site. Such threads may be removed upon complaints or if it was uploaded by another user on XBOX360ISO or its sister websites (unless express permission has been obtained).

Rules For Having A Big Thread?

  • No pointless Bumping
  • Bumps like: Re-Uploaded, Uploading, Separate Thanks or Responses, Same Game Re-Posts Are not Allowed!
  • Posts's With Lists That Are Fixed Is Not Allowed (have a separate section on your 1st post for that)

This Thread May Be Updated, So Don't Forget To Check Back