For too long I have noticed that members uploading DLC have no title and no benefits, so now all people who qualify will have a DLC UPLOADER status, ads disabled and chatbox use (note: we are currently working on the chatbox) I have gave a few this status already, pm me if you know a member who deserves this status as its hard to find all. So I know it isn't much but its the same as an uploaders benefits and it shows our repsect to you and grattitude. Note: Not everyone will qualify, it still takes alot to get this status just like it takes for a game uploader to get theirs. Thank you for all your hard work and supporting this forum!!! All uploaders and members are what makes this site great and keeps it going. Chatbox should be up soon, all uploaders, VIP and donators of the past will have access again. Thank you all,
360iso Staff