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    We brought this back by user asking only, to keep it you must follow the new rules in the section. We are a gaming site, but we shall try this one more time. No premium links inside the new section, no exceptions to this, No more flooding the section either, make one mega thread if you plan on upping more than 10 threads. Read the new rules, if you do not follow the section or sites rules then we will take action on either the member or the section again. Like i said, we are a gaming community, we only brought this back for the community because we were asked. Have fun and enjoy the new section, any ideas, go ahead im all ears as this seems to be a section devoted to some members. We strive to please everyone here, i do not intend to sound rude or mean in this statement, but i do expect the new rules to be followed.
    Thank you and enjoy the Movie section again, i hope its better this time. BTW, thank Dragon for this 2nd chance

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    Ok changed it again, added Movie/Tv chat Music section Mobile Section You will find in the old pc mac section which has now been renamed. Have fun everyone!!!

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