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Thread: 3DS rom downloads

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    Recently purchased an r4i 3DS gold cartridge for my nephew but cannot seem to find valid links where I can download 3DS roms for free. Could someone please tell me if you know of a place where I can download 3DS roms for my nephews nintendo 3DS. Any helpful input would be greatly appreciated and +rep as always. Thank you kindly.

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    Nintendo 3DSISO

    also not sure if they changed anything since i last tried it, but the gateway card was the only one that could play 3ds roms. the r41 gold could only do ds roms and ds ware games. if you do some research on that site they should be able to tell you though.

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    They have hacks now where you dont even need anything but an sd card to play 3ds roms in which you can also put the games on the same sd card. I know this for a fact because I've done it on 2 different 3ds', but you can't be on the latest firmware 11.1 I believe, there are some firmwares you can downgrade to 9.2 which is what's needed but it's easiest if your firmware is 9.2 or below. I would check out gbatemp the 3ds section for tutorials for the hack.
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