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    Serenity and Coraje187 New Site Admins
    First we would like to thank Dragon for trusting us with this assignment as your new admims here. Secondly, we would like to thank the members and uploaders here on this great site. With new Admins members want to know what changes...Well...not too much really. The biggest issue has already been in the rules for years, we are going to make sure all rules are inforced. NO MORE DRAMA Seriously all old members know what we are talking about, back talking, arguing, cussing each others and uploaders. That stops now. The little things like coding links and posting in the correct thread will be inforced now. No more torrents or outside links.

    We are very nice Admins but we are firm regarding forum rules. We also Admin two other iso sites together. We are in the process of cleaning up these dead links and making it so uploaders start making one thread with all their content inside it. No more flooding the forums. This will take us and the staff quite awhile to clean up, so give us some time. When we are finished we expect the site to be very busy again. All the drama and arguing ran a lot of members away, thats why it stops as of today. If you have a question for us, please contact us via pm.

    We all share the same passion, Our goal is for you to have a great experience here!

    Remember read the forum rules before posting if you have not already and enjoy this great site!!!
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