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Thread: OpenBOR360 3.2 (build 3688) + Jennifer v1.0.1mod

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    Default OpenBOR360 3.2 (build 3688) + Jennifer v1.0.1mod

    - OpenBOR360 3.0 build 3688 [recommended]
    - OpenBOR 3.2(lol) build 3699 (XboxClassic) [4:3 only]

    + Game: Jennifer v1.0.1mod
    -fixed version by robertxgray from (v1.0.1) fully compatible with openBOR build 3688 and some upwards
    -MOD- a little intro sequence mod on the 1st boss in stage 2-5 (now with dick, dunno why it's not in the 'original' game)
    -MOD- 20 credits..yep we all have no time and this game is hard, i know if you learn all the specials (and you still have to learn some to finish the game) 10 should be enough... whatever, default was 6!

    Game "Jennifer" is a really special 'indigame', featuring a nice abstract lock, heavy sound, blood'n gore and bit disturbing scenes.

    If you add other pak's and wanna change between games fast on the 360 version use the Xbox-button on your controller to open the menu and search for the emulators default.xex, so you can easily switch between games without returning to dash.
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