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Thread: Power Brick Problem Xbox 360 Slim

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    Default Power Brick Problem Xbox 360 Slim

    Hi guys

    So its been a while since I turn on my xbox and today when I tried to turn it on, its stayed on for about 30 seconds and sudden shut down and I cant turn it back on.

    The light on power brick is green when I first turn the xbox on, when xbox goes off, the light goes off as well and it wont get green/yellow anymore, I need to remove the plug and wait around 2 minutes, plugged in back the power brick to get the light.

    Any idea what might be the problem? Can I fix this without replacing my power brick?


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    Default Re: Power Brick Problem Xbox 360 Slim

    it might be your power supply(powerbrick, try borrow your friends for test/ in game centre(service) i have tried on game service center and boom, it normal... so i need to replace my powerbrick

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