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Thread: (tut) ps4 infiite profile sharing method

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    Default (tut) ps4 infiite profile sharing method

    Posting this as a quick reference to the new PS4 profile sharing method. If anyone has anything to add/share please feel free to let me know, thanks!

    NOTE: This will only work on SAA motherboards, using this method on other motherboards can/will result in BSOD (use at your own risk.)

    This will require 2 hard drives for your PS4 (referred to as HDD1 & HDD2)

    1. Download your profile and games to HDD1, and activate your account as primary.

    2. You will then need install HDD2 and download your games again.

    3. Install HDD1 and dump your NOR (note: requires soldering/technical knowledge - all information regarding dumping your NOR can be found here:JAISPI - PS4 Developer wiki)

    4. Install HDD2 and deactivate your account as primary

    5. write your dump back to the NOR

    6. install HDD1

    7. create a new user on the PS4 (do not log into your games account, or it will relock the games)

    8. The PS4 now believes that the account is still activated as a primary account, which will allow the new user to continue to use games fully unlocked, the process can be repeated on multiple PS4 consoles.
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    Default Re: (tut) ps4 infiite profile sharing method

    thanks for the tut, this doesnt seem as easy as I'd like it to be

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    Default Re: (tut) ps4 infiite profile sharing method

    It's about to get easier as they've found another 2 exploits so bide your time
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