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Thread: I messed up.

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    Default I messed up.

    So as everyone seen the Gears of War leaked vid and pics anyways don't trust anyone that can breath I say that because I indirectly leaked it I shared the vid and pics with 3 people 1 of the 3 shared it with their friend and he put it online long story short my X1 is banned and so is 3 of my gamertag one of which was my main one other I game shared on so I lost a bunch of games and other one was my girlfriends account anyways I don't care about the ban it's a consequence I am dealing with my vid ended up at a lot of places, even though someone else leaked it I still take responsibility I'm at fault 100% I f'd up

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    Wow sad ...

    Pics of banned x1


    "save the earth" - i keep all my stuff there !

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    Cool story Bro

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    hairy anus tale.

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