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Thread: rgh trinity wont glitch

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    Default rgh trinity wont glitch

    i paid someone on team xecuter called ozzie or oggie to rgh my slim xbox 360 he told me he used a sim proto v2 glitch chip but when i got it home it refused to boot to anything xell fsd or nxe eventually after i stripped it down i noticed a dgx chip in it im at my wits end when it works it works but if i switch it off it might not glitch for 2 days i realy just need someone to install a better chip and sort the glitch times i wouldnt mind waitin 2-5 mins but 1-2 days is a joke also i live in the uk i have money waiting but i wouldnt want it to be just anyone doing it someone with experience is essential

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    Default Re: rgh trinity wont glitch

    I would happily do it for you if you want.I have RGH'D many a console and my soldering work is very neat.I can pm you some pics of my installs if you want

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    Default Re: rgh trinity wont glitch

    I'd almost bet it's the length and routing of the CPU_RST wire and the metal shield. I had an issue with my trinity as well. Sometimes it would boot, but it usually wouldn't. When I would get it to boot, it wouldn't when i put the case back on.

    Finally I routed the CPU_RST wire up around the fan and back to the chip. Worked great like this until i put the case back on. Removed the metal shield and it boots great now. Every once in a while it will take up to a minute to boot. But that's rare.

    Possibly a wire came loose in shipping as well. There's always that.

    I'll add that I have a Jasper that had the same issue as well. When I figured out the trinity, I decided to take the metal shield out of the jasper and route the CPU_RST wire a little differently and it fixed the issue with it as well.
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    Default Re: rgh trinity wont glitch

    I dont use those crapy TX products they overpriced and expensive , try using the Ace dont have to worry about routing and wire lentghs and it just glicthes after about 2 pulses everytime

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    Default Re: rgh trinity wont glitch

    i do this for a living. check the resistors with multimeter:

    exclusively in xbox360iso

    NOTE: I will open soon at ebay RGH $25, LTU2 installation (coronas) $25, new laser lens installtion $10, dual nand installation $100 w/free shipping. I'll be using flat rate shipping from USPS median box online price $11.30 total of $22.60 + $25.00 = $47.60 RGH chip x360ace v3 + installation included and more will be included

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