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Thread: pre ordered halo 5

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    Default pre ordered halo 5

    so before u guys argue not im not suppose to pre order becouse of the mcc was a broken game yes i admit mine wasnt working till 2 months ago or so when the last update came out and yes it is working now (tried it from my school) ANYWAYS ! im so glad i pre ordered halo 5 from walmart which is the closest store for electronics ware i live so ya im so happy ! and once i get a job soon hopefully i can pay for our old internet and play online..

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    Default Re: pre ordered halo 5


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    Default Re: pre ordered halo 5

    If you wanna pre order then thats your choice mate.. glad your so hyped.
    Not really a Halo FAN myself but i am sure the game will be great.
    Sitting with the Witcher 3 on my hard drive pre loaded right now and the wait is killing me lol

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    Default Re: pre ordered halo 5

    Good luck man. I'm seriously thinking about dropping some cash for the MCC bundle. Been playing at my friends but damn it's not the same. I just don't want to yet because once I get the MCC bundle I'm not going to play my 360 all that much and I have a huge backlog.

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