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Thread: MY Original XBOX Help (Suggestion)!!

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    Default MY Original XBOX Help (Suggestion)!!

    Hai to everyone, i'm not new to " xbox360iso " forum but not a regular member (but regular in PS3iso forum). i have an very old Oriinal XBOX which is set aside , i dont have any game cd's and memory card . and even it is not showing " XBOX LIVE " option (NO NETWORK option in settings, i tried it with LAN ). i searched in tutorials found many good ones and like to try one of it. but MY DASHBOAD is " 4034 " (Kernel : 4034) which tutorials are not supported. i need to UPDATE my Dashboard from " 4034 to 5960 " with a HALO 2 Live game CD. searched CD in online sellers (only INDIA ) but can't find it. could anyone plz give trustable online seller for HALO 2 Live Game ? or is there any other way to update my XBOX Dashboard to 5960 without " HALO 2 GAME LIVE CD ".
    I'm waiting for Your Valuable Suggestions (and my Xbox is almost 10 yrs old and it is working as i played song from it).

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    Default Re: MY Original XBOX Help (Suggestion)!!

    your have 2 options imo are 1 hotswap mod check
    2 If you can find a exploitable game and action replay or(DIY usb cable to transfer save) use xbox utility disc hexxen and use krayzie ndure and choose option minimum install to get round being under 5960 dash
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