Hi, I recently damaged my PCB board on my Lite-on 16D4S, I damaged one of the connectors that is soldered to the board, and it's irreparable. Now I am seeking a new PCB, or a new drive entirely to replace my broken one with. I have bought a sputnik probe. All of the guides that I have seen, people are soldering old PCB's into new drives, and I need to essentially put a new PCB in an old drive, or just buy a new drive and flash it over. I just need to know what I need for this to work, such as the hardware, as well as what keys and such I need for my new drive to be compatible in my xbox 360. If you're feeling extra kind today, if you could link me to a tutorial on key extraction and implementation into the new drive, that would be great. Thank you all for your help in advance!