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Thread: xbox one hdd thoughts (home xbox)

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    Lightbulb xbox one hdd thoughts (home xbox)

    I have gotten an xbox 1 with out a hdd, and gotten a xbox 1 hdd from ebay with pre loaded files. To my surprize it workedand and had a profile on it but it was password protected. But that got me thinking... is the home xbox profile saved to the hdd? or logged to a ms server because if its saved to the hdd than someone with a digital copy of a game could boot a pirated game offline by adding profiles to the hdd?? Just a thought because i dont have the recorces to try something like this...

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    Default Re: xbox one hdd thoughts (home xbox)

    A good way to test this would be having a profile set as the hame for an xbox and downloading a game, and switching the hdd with another box. Staying offline with no profile signed in and seeing if the game boots...

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