OK Senior Members and Admins/Mods are getting a little tired of repeating themselves. This is the site's ABGX tutorial that will show you step by step what to do.

What you need : -

ABGX installed


So you're getting this message?

Download the ABGX ini zip and place anywhere you like, extract it so you have a readme file and the ini file itself (Highlighted in black abgx360.ini)

Go to C:\Users, your name of your computer will be different to mine just click the correct one, as appdata is a hidden folder, just type appdata then enter in the explorer bar. Making sure you have the FULL path i.e. C:\Users\Squit\Appdata

Now all the folders should appear, go to Roaming then abgx360

C:\Users\Squit\Appdata\roaming\abgx360 - (You can paste this if you like and change Squit to your computer/user name)

Now copy the abgx360.ini into the folder as shown. DONE

FIXED! Fully working now no more asking how to do it please!