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Thread: How can i play Games on XBLSE stealth??

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    Default How can i play Games on XBLSE stealth??

    i have Question abt XBLSE!!!, i am planning on getting XBLSE for my RGH!! But which games
    can you play online and how??? i read a post,it is recommended not to play online through executing the default.xex file!!!. Someone said you should make a Backup CD of the Game you want to play, then go online, and there was one another recommendation,that when u are online never launch an unsigned code like FSD or XeX menu or a ban will be on the way!!!, so my question is ,
    Can somebody briefly explain, how can i play games on Xbox live with XBLSE??if it is by making a back up cd,then how should i make the backup?? i am really confused!!! i did a google search,but i could not find any satisfying answers!!! Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: How can i play Games on XBLSE stealth??

    !!!!! it is not working reliably !!! you will get banned in a few days max for sure if you use it !!!! read the threads where people talk about it here !!!
    and do not use so many question marks and exclamation marks !!!! ????

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    Default Re: How can i play Games on XBLSE stealth??

    Live will detect FSD and XEX Menu and games played from games rips as game files like default.xex. So your best to change setting so you only use stock looking dash. Games should only be launch by game disc or games installed as god. If all your games are ripped as game files you will need to re-download the iso of the game and burn to disc or convert to god. I don't think there is a way to convert game files back to iso or god.

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    Default Re: How can i play Games on XBLSE stealth??

    There are little things you can do to use XeXMenu to launch JTAG rips, though I don't recommend it. For one, don't EVER use your main account on an RGH. Actually, delete it off of the console before you even connect to live. Disconnect all other consoles from the internet completely before playing too. Launch your games with no profile signed in, and don't sign in until the game has loaded to the main menu. Also, don't be stupid and earn emulator achievements on an account you want to take onto Live. You'll get banned eventually regardless, so be prepared to buy another KV. Also, XBLSE is only free until the next dash update.

    Edit: To add onto what toto said, re-download the games as an ISO, or GoD. If it's an ISO, use ISO2GOD to convert it to GoD format.

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